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Are you aware that the term 'collective' refers to the collective unconscious psychological construct put forth by C.G. Jung?

Asked by adasaismyusernameuidiots (87points) March 24th, 2009

in ‘tapping the collective’ (the response and catch phrase of this site) is one really gaining any benefit if they are not allowed to access their unconscious by means of the futile/offensive/redundant/silly aspects that are prevalent in ALL humanity? how is there any ‘tapping’ (a term that refers to gaining the sap of a maple tree, btw) if your initial thought is unacceptable to another?

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I just wrote a paper on that topic.

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You have some sort of documentation that this technical use of ‘collective’ is the intended one? Or are you going to tell me that collective farms and collective bargaining agreements are not about doing things cooperatively, but tapping into deep subconscious archetypes?

(Keep shoveling, @adasaismyusernameuidiots, keep shoveling.)

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uh, i don’t know. but, when i told my husband i was “tapping the collective” i think he might have thought i was going to masturbate or something.

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I was thinking we might be entitled to use the word in any of its senses.


1400–50; late ME collectif (< MF) < L collēctīvus, equiv. to collēct(us) (ptp. of colligere; see collect 1 ) + -īvus -ive

1520, from the source of collect (q.v.). As a shortened form of collective farm (in the U.S.S.R.) it dates from 1925. Collectivism in socialist theory is from 1880. Collective bargaining coined 1891 by Beatrice Webb; defined in U.S. 1935 by the Wagner Act.

Carl Gustav Jung: 26 July 1875 – 6 June 1961


“Tap” as a verb meaning to draw liquid from (as from a barrel, or to draw blood) is documented in my OED from the 1400s, and to pierce for the purpose of drawing off liquid from the 1600s. It’s used metaphorically here.

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