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I'm contemplating my birthday party in May. Can you give me some ideas...

Asked by nebule (16446points) March 25th, 2009

I’m going to be 29 but I think birthdays are so important and need to be celebrated big style.

Now, I haven’t got a lot of money so it has to be something fairly cheap… although obviously I’m going to spend whatever money I can and I do have time to save up at the moment!!

I love wine! Drinking and Dancing – lurve them! I would most likely go for a party at my house but an open to themes and other ideas that involve going out… so…have a ball and please let me know any wild and wacky ideas you may have in mind….

Have you had any brilliant genius parties I could replicate… in a way…

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A couple years ago I had an ice cream potluck for my July birthday. (I’ll be 29 in July! You’re just barely older than me!) Maybe you could have a wine potluck – everyone brings their favorite wine?

Do you have a home where dancing can happen? Or does a friend? Perhaps a friend would love to spin tunes, and there you go – drinking, dancing, and you haven’t spent a dime!

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I think a ganja potluck is the best idea!

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A socialite party! All the girls dress up, wear big rediculous costume jewelry, huge sunglasses, stuffed animal “pets” to carry around (bonus points if it’s wearing jewelry, too). The point is to be silly. The guys can be deemed paparazzi, and you’re guaranteed some great pictures!

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oooh cool ideas…thanks guys… I don’t think my folks would be too enamoured witht eh ganja party though…. hmmmm

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Well, the folks should get started on the “Brownies” before you break out the hookah!

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I celebrate my birthday in May, too, and since Memorial Day kind of kicks off the summer season, one year I had a beach party. We dumped a truckload of sand in my backyard, bought six kiddy pools, put up some fake palm trees, and put out a bunch of beach loungers. We grilled hot dogs and hamburgers “on the beach”, had kegs of beer, (you could substitute some nice beach-y wine!) and everyone came in their bathing suit. It was a lot of fun and it seems everyone had a really good time!

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