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How can I get rid of stretch marks on my belly?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) March 25th, 2009 from iPhone

That precious little girl left some stretch marks on me!  any way to make them at least fade a little???

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I’ll start a diet in 2 weeks, I will exercise as well, will that help a bit?

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Dang. I was gonna say Cocoa Butter! There’s lots of different products, like Mederma, which also works quite well.

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Diet and exercise will not diminish the stretch marks already present.

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Bio-Oil. My friend is a doctor and he said it actually works (unlike cocoa butter which smells really bad).
Any moisturizer can help prevent stretch marks, but once you have them it won’t make them disappear.
The color will fade over the years from a reddish purple to a silver color.

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Tanning will help hide them.

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Using real shea or cocoa butter should help. Be sure to get a hold of the real thing. You’ll probably have to buy it online.

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@elijahsuicide is right, it’s too late for cocoa butter.

Tanning might make them worse, depending on what kind you have. I have the white kind, so they react fine to tanning, the red ones don’t react as nicely, I hear.

I have some on my thighs and butt area, I’ve never tried to get rid of them…I’m proud of them actually. You should be too!

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Cocoa Butter has helped me a lot. My boobs grew WAY fast in a very short amount of time, and it gave me stretch marks. Mine are almost not visible.

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@chelseababyy do you have a child? i thought in the other thread you said you didn’t. was it adoption?

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@casheroo LOL!! Proud?? Noooo!! I scratched my belly because the itching was horrible in the last weeks of my pregnancy, even when I was using the cocoa butter, I couldn’t help it! I should, but didn’t. Now that I see the size of my 9 lb baby girl I can see why she gave me the stretch marks, she is so big. Besides, I’m not the kind of girl that loves her body, now with this scars I’m scared that I won’t let my husband see me without a shirt!

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@casheroo No, I don’t have a child. I mean when I was younger, and my boobs started growing, they grew really big, really fast.

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love them… they’re your marks on your body, and they’re from your baby! i do not have a perfect body by any means, but i almost like wearing a bikini now better than before I had my son. Like, look what happened to me!

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Tummy tuck. I only have a few left and can actually wear a 2 piece (at 48 no less!)

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Yes, be proud of those stretch marks. That’s what my husband tells me anyway. I’ve had them for 16 years now and he could care less. He loves me for who I am and bringing his children into this world. Who cares what everyone else thinks. You only had your baby recently, give it time and they won’t be so bad. Keep up with exercising and getting a little sun and they will fade a bit.

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As others have said, it takes time for the skin to recover… after all it took 9 months for it to stretch out so big, so it will take time for the skin to tighten and for the stretch marks to fade. If the skin had been stretched for a longer period of time, it would take proportionately longer to recover. Also, the younger you are, the more elasticity there is in your skin. Genetics also play a large part, so consider your close relatives, and whether any of them have stretch marks.

My baby is almost 18, and I gained significant weight since then, so I have stretch marks all over now. I am currently losing weight, and the skin is getting loose and starting to sag. I’ve been doing research, and it seems that there really isn’t much one can do other than optimal nutrition and hydration and exercise. There are some very expensive creams and dietary supplements that claim to help with stretch marks, elasticity, and cellulite, but I have not found any supportive clinical evidence that compels me to dole out the cash they want!

The consensus is that it can take as long as 2 years after achieving one’s goal weight for skin to retract to the tightest is will ever be. At that point, if one is still displeased with the appearance, plastic surgery is the only option. Again, genetics, age, and the length of time that the skin was stretched are the main factors in how well it will recover.

I just looked up BioOil and their “Clinical Trial” for stretch marks consisted of 20 women—that is nowhere near enough of a populations size to be considered clinically relevant (ask any of our resident scientists and physicians); and it says that 50% of those women (10) saw improvement in their stretch marks after 4 weeks. Ummmm… yeah. I bet they’d have seen that if they had been rubbing Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Baby Oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin E, or anything else on their body, too.

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@hearkat yeah I know it’s not a miracle oil to get rid of stretch marks, there is no such thing. The only reason I mention my friend (the doctor) saying it works is because he has seen it effectively work on people with scars, better than other things such as cocoa butter. I’m in no way saying it’s a guaranteed fix.

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hello, my name is jessica i have a 7 month old baby.. i have alot of stretch marks on my hips and my stomach is REALLY BAD!...i always look for things but nothing ever works for me i hate the smell of coco butter and used it a bunch of times before and it didnt work either i decided to use it one more time before i throw it away…but i hate the smell soo i mixed it with victoria’s secret lotion soo i wouldnt have to smell the coco butter… the next day i looked at my stomach and i was blown away…some how my stretch marks looked soo much better…i been useing the lotion mix 2 times a day for only 3 days now and my stretch marks are hardly noticeble… girls i know this seems hard to believe but try it !!!

good luck all of you !!

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Bio-oil, I use it for scars and it really works.

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