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Should we go ahead and blow up Bin Laden?

Asked by RocketGuy (13490points) March 26th, 2009

UCLA geographers have used two principles, used in geography to predict the distribution of wildlife, to predict where Bin Laden might be hiding:

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That was published a month ago.
He’s probably not there anymore, if he ever was there.

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Osama Bin Laden is already likely dead.

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What I want to know is this – Given that CIA built the bloody caves he’s living in how do they not know where he is?

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Wake up America, bin laden was not the man behind the 9/11 attacks, George Bush was.
Don’t direct your hate against the Muslim world, you get screwed over time and time again from your own government, wake the hell up

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Dude, don’t tell anyone to wake up in the same post where you presume that George Bush was the man behind anything.

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So you think the coast in a whole lot of ancillary lives would be worth it? How would that make us any different from him?

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Since Bin Laden is probably already dead, wouldn’t you want to take that very same bomb (that probably cost us taxpayers about a million dollars to make) and drop it on the Taliban who are making a resurgence in Afghanistan and once again ruining the country just like they were doing before we carpet bombed them after 9–11-2001?

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Go back to sleep America

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Wait, I thought we were supposed to wake up?
Which is it?

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