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What's your homepage set at? Do you change it?

Asked by Zen (7743points) March 28th, 2009

How long has it been set at that homepage? What drew you to it initially.

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When I first got my computer 6 years ago, MSN was my IP & it was set for the home page. I’ve just always kept it because I like it. It’s very informative & has a lot of different topic sections to go to. I’ll always keep it.

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My G-Mail account. The most useful choice for me being I use it for school, work and other social things constantly. I’d say it’s always been that since I first made the account 4 or 5 years ago.

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On opera it’s a blank page and on firefox it’s the automatic homepage (firefox customized google search)

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I like Yahoo. :-)

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My homepage is Fluther of course! Seriously, it’s Fluther.

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Was default, kinda like it..

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Just google for me. I don’t really use the search bar in safari.

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Google. It used to be Comcast, because there’s where my main email is, but my husband doesn’t use Comcast…so we just do google.

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I think the concept of the homepage is a bit outmoded, because I’m not closing and opening my browser all that often. I’ve pretty much always got at least 3 tabs open in firefox – gmail, nytimes, google calendar. I guess it’s a 3-way homepage. When I want to surf for things I usually just open more tabs.

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Google because I frequently pop onto my computer just to look something up or open a side window to investigate something I read on another page. Mine has been Google for years.

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Google always has been always will be

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