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Do you feel similarly that it's the small indigities that wear you down, maybe little things you tell yourself are no big deal but every now and then you realize they do bug you?

Asked by VzzBzz (2784points) March 28th, 2009

In this economy, not everyone is outright losing their jobs but maybe they’ve been cut back on hours, maybe the rents and mtgs. are a month behind, maybe you’re not eating out at your favorite spot every week or you’ve given up alcohol and cigarettes because of the cost (not a bad idea) or not been able to replace a tire on your car and still ride on the emergency donut tire.

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The little indignities, as well as a few larger ones from before the economic downturn have given me something I never had before. I was diagnosed with depression two days ago. I’ve weathered a lot of weird things in my life, including other economic downturns, but somehow, this one is worse. I’m not sure why, but maybe it’s because three of my very best friends have lost their jobs in the past month.

My job is relatively secure because I had the luck to find employment with one of the few companies running two full production shifts and is selling their product faster than they can make it.

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I’ve seen people around me going down in scary ways, by degrees and yet other stuff happens, good things seem to push back- not necessarily bring balance or Joy but they hedge the negative.

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This is one of the few times that I’m thankful for the job I do have…I’m not getting fired anytime soon.

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@FGS: at what price security when you pledge yourself to go into life jeopardizing situations?

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When bad stuff is going on I often don’t notice the little things. However, it’s the little things that will tip the balance for me so that I break down. Then all the big stuff comes to the surface but it does so by being catalyzed by something small.

So far, our household is relatively secure because we are on pensions of various sorts. However, the college funds have taken a major hit. As a result, I am cutting back a bit in order to save up in case things don’t improve enough by the time my oldest is ready to go off to college.

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I think we have more control over these feelings than we give ourselves credit for.

We have the capacity to deal with some pretty major things in life but distancing yourself from petty annoyances is the way to go

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic: I agree for keeping focus but much of the time, people don’t, they’re on the lookout for the big stuff while being chipped away by the little stuff and then find themselves in emotional depression.

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I’ve learned that all the little stuff adds up surely.

Learning that lttle things can be dealt with as they come was something that helped me through some tough times.

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Like Darwin, I’m much more likely to be sent over the edge by a little thing, and then the damn breaks. Big, little it no longer matters… it’s just a big, swirly mess.

I have been keeping panic at bay for quite a while now, as my husband (the sole breadwinner) was laid off in January. We’ve both been actively looking for jobs, with no success. I have yet to break down over this fact, but many, many little meltdowns have occurred over much smaller things.

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Thank you all for not beating me down over the misspelling. oops

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@VzzBzz I hadn’t even noticed!

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@VzzBzzLife is too short.

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The big stuff is easier to deal with, you can seek counseling from a friend if your mummy died, but maybe not so much if you broke your favorite pencil.

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