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Does anyone feel like making a music video for me?

Asked by RareDenver (13155points) July 7th, 2009

I wrote this track called ‘destroy’ featuring a Darth Vader sample and wondered if anyone fancied putting together a music video for it of some kind?

Below is the link to the mp3 download

destroy by RareDenver

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What is your budget?

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I’m not a video maker, I’m more of a singer, and I’m not really into trance, but that’s a good track… I like it… just thought I’d let you know x

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I won’t pay anyone just like I don’t expect anyone to pay for the track, just for fun.

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I was just joshin’ you. The track is well put together, have you tried making video yourself? Music editing (of this variety) and video editing are very similar.

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I’ve been waiting for about a year for my mate to do one for me, he’s a budding director and we set up a production company together, not done anything in ages though as we now live in different cities.

I’ve thought about doing a video myself, but with all the music projects I’m on with I don’t seem to have the time.

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I hear ya. And collaborations are the best.

I hope you find someone that does have time to make videos for you.

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how’s this
(may not be suitable for work) violence, some (movie) blood,

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@tyrantxseries I like it…..
@RareDenver do you have a set out for purchase?

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jason statham is always yummy:)

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@tyrantxseries Top video mate :-)

@prude do you have a set out for purchase?

Do you mean a DJ set or an album of my original material?

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It is a cool track.
As a Video Producer I will be honest with you.
Lots of people have “cool” tracks. Do you blow my mind and make me say I have to do this? No. Sorry. Someone might, or you could.
Keep up the creativity. You definitely have a gift.

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@RareDenver dunno, hmmmm
maybe original material?
I like new, original…

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Some of my original material can be found here if you want any to download and keep let me know and I’ll send you a link.

I haven’t forgotten about the remix you want me to do either but I’m not find it it easy :-)

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@RareDenver thank you:)
thank you for not forgetting:)

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If you’re using a likeness or audio clip of Darth Vader, and your video isn’t an obvious parody, be wary of copyright infringement. Some studios see derivitaive works as an “free advertising,” but others see it as infringement. If you’re in the USA (it being ruled collectively by major corporations for all intents and purposes), the copyright laws there are more strict, and the penalties more severe, than elsewhere in the world.

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