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Where can you get the best pizza in the country?

Asked by wundayatta (58714points) April 3rd, 2009

City, pizza parlor, supermarket, home, whatever. Where do you think you can get the best pizza, and, most importantly, what makes this pizza so good, in your opinion?

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Here it is Baba Louie’s. The trick is a very thin and crispy crust…none of that cottony and doughy stuff.

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@gailcalled, Sorry; where is “here”?

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Great Barrington, MA and Hudson, NY…a hotbed of empty land, few people and many domesticated animals.

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Chicago, of course. Then you’ve got to go to Uno (or Due). Amazing. Thick and 1000s of calories.

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Chicago for sure with many places to chose from, Uno and Due are great; I frequent Giordano’s most often – love their deep dish. My SO would vote for Lou Malnati’s. They’re all chains now, but the original restaurants are still around.

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If you prefer thin crust, Pizza My Heart in Capitol, CA is the best.
For Chicago deep dish, Gino’s East in Chicago is best.

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Mariella’s Pizza in NYC

this pizza will put a smile on your face and make your heart warm
what could be any better? hmm, second thought, don’t answer that ;)

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@zephyr826 UNO is awesome.. we have 2 in San Diego that i know of….
the best tho is Sammy’s Woodfired Pizzas HANDS DOWN

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NY Pizza is superior to Chicago Pizza, of course. One of my favorites is John’s Pizzeria on Bleecker St. in NYC

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@rawpixels: what’s so good about that pizza? What’s it like?

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nyc pie is good to be certain, but for pizza, Chicago’s the place

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It’s thin, crispy, and everything you could want in a pizza. No slices at John’s, just pies.

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23rd St. in Chelsea.

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you know what i really enjoy while walking the streets of Manhattan is the smell of foods cooking on the streets——but, i stop short of trying them. i digress i know, but is the food cooked by the street vendors worth trying?

also i’m surprised philly hasn’t checked in on the pie question

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Thumbs up and a high five to Mr. A. Chuck for the Gino’s East mention. Not only is this my favorite Chicago pizza it’s also the pizzeria with the most character. You are encouraged to write on the walls. The crust is heavenly, the ingredients are the freshest tasting I have found (you can actually taste the tomatoes and onions) and the anchovies are fat and meat.

Here in Milwaukee I’d have to say Barbiaries on Bluemound is the best. Thinish crisp crust with wonderful tomato sauce and fresh ingredients. And, it too has a great atmosphere.

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Here in our little CT shoreline town, the best pizza place is the one that delivers. ;) I’ve heard that New Haven boasts some fantastic pizza, but I haven’t tried it even though we’re only about 20 minutes away.

I am taking note of the NYC pizza suggestions for next time we’re in the city!

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It used to be on 86th St. and Lexington in NY. I suspect it still is.

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Santarpio’s in East Boston, MA.

Thin crust, amazing sauce, yummy cheese mix, fresh Italian sausage slices, little cornmeal on the bottom, cooked well done – Mmmmmm.

if I smoked, I’d need one right now

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the “medium Barcelona” (salami pizza) at Charley’s, Dresden. It’s te best pizza in most countries (and I’ve been to many).

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Best regular neighborhood slice: Fascati Pizza, 80 Henry St, Brooklyn, New York

Best fancy-pants thin crust pizza: Grimaldi’s, 19 Old Fulton St., under the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, NY

Best Chicago Style: Original Gino’s, 633 N. Wells St, Chicago, Illinois.

and as a bonus,

Best pizza in Sydney, NSW: Ice + Slice, 135 King Street, Newtown (Sydney), NSW 2042, Australia

All pizza joints personally inspected by yours truly.

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In Naples, Italy.

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@mattbrowne: and what makes it so good?

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Most likely the volcanic ash in the sauce, I’ll bet.

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I’ll bet il terreno di Napoli grows some fantastic tomatoes!

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second on zachary’s in berkeley. best pizza I have ever had. even better than chicago. mmmmm… I’m hungry!

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@daloon – Well, first of all the people in Naples invented the pizza. Second, they often use wood-fired stoves. Tastes wonderful. But I love pan pizzas as well, which were invented in the US. Spices also differ between US and Europe, but I like both.

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@mattbrowne ~ I agree with you on pizza from Naples !!

my fave pizza in Washington DC is 2 Amys
If you’re ever in DC, I would highly recommend their pizza.
It has D.O.C (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) status.

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@mcbealer – Thanks! I will keep that in mind. My next US trip is planned for summer 2010.

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