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home-made pizza question

Asked by occ (4176points) February 11th, 2008

I’m making home-made pizza for a small dinner party tonight. I bought pizza dough at Trader Joes and have some yummy veggies for toppings. The question is: Do I sautee the shitake mushrooms and broccolini first, or can I just put them raw on top of the pizza and bake it?

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I’d saute them first. They’re unlikely to be done enough otherwise.

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I put mine on raw. They will cook but you can eat vegies raw so its not like it would make you sick.

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i always do them raw.. very tasty.

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I’d gently saute them first, to give them a good start, and them finish with the cooking of the pizza. But either way, it sounds delicious.

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I’d say blanch the brocolli quickly, but leave the mushrooms raw.

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It’s a matter if preference. You have the option of adding flavor (and reducing moisture leakage on top of your pizza) by sauteeing first.

Or if it’s simple you’re after, put ‘em on raw.

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i would sautee them, but not for long, in just a little extra virgin olive oil with maybe a little bit of garlic in it. Only for a minute or two, then throw that on the pizza. You should be able to get flavorful veggies that aren’t too raw tasting.

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Thanks, all! I sauteed the shitaki mushrooms with a little bit of oil to bring out the flavor…but the brocolini I just put on raw and baked it. Turned out delicious! This was a very fluthery meal—for the appetizer I made the ginger-carot soup that sferik had suggested in a different fluther question that I asked about soups! great meal, overall.

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