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Getting to know Flutherers (Pt. 3) - What are the reasons you have sex?

Asked by Simone_De_Beauvoir (38951points) April 5th, 2009

now I know this may sound like a simple and obvious question but hear me out…not everyone has sex for pleasure or for stress relief or to make babies..and not everyone thinks that the above reasons are the ‘norm’...have you ever, in your life, had sex for some other reason – to protect yourself or another, to feel something other than pleasure, to stay sane or insane, to fool another, to keep another, to push away another, to do ‘your duty’ or whatever…what are you reasons?

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i just love the feeling of it. i need it right now.

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It’s highly enjoyable… under the right circumstances. and I think it’s an important bonding experience between a couple. Also, it’s great practice for the day I do want to make a baby. :)

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The few times someone’s let me sleep with them has been solely because of pleasure.

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orgasms. i like making my boy friend feel good too.

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I do it so I’ll grow up to be big and strong… Wait, maybe I’m confusing that with eating my vegetables.

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Initially for pleasure, though once in a relationship, it is more for emotional bonding. If I’m not getting any from my wife/gf, then I start to think she is not happy with me or the relationship. If that continues (whatever excuses she keeps coming up with), I become convinced she’s unhappy.

It seems that when a woman is happy with her partner, she wants sex from him. If a man is getting sex from his partner, he is happy with her.

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To tell you the truth, I was hoping to catch an interesting (though non-lethal) STD.~

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Come over to my place, daloon. I think I can hook you up with something.

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I don’t! I don’t like it. :(

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@MacBean you need to find a woman who makes it worth your while!

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Hangover sex is one of the best feelings ever. Seriously!

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@Jayne: you are a true friend, brother!

Jayne's avatar

Oh…Brother? That rather complicates things…

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Burning calories.
Seeing my beloved enjoying himself (or me).
Trying out some new moves or ideas.
And to feel sexy.
Amongst other things.

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In my younger days, I often had it just because it made me feel powerful and in control. I was sexually abused as a child, and I think this was my way of taking back my sexuality.

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For the pleasure of my partner sometimes i don’t want to but let him do his thing
Ease menstrual cramps

@simone What do you mean “to protect yourself or others”? Could you explain that to me?

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i was thinking of abusive relationships one sometimes sleeps with the abuser to protect themselves or their children

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I did it because I already paid.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir oh okay, i just couldn’t think of a scenario, thanks for clarifying

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Also, sex is good for one’s health.

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oh yeah, I forgot to list that. I used to have to have sex, for a medical condition. true story.

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@casheroo I wish I had a disease where sex was the cure. Sex would be doubly good.

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@boots nah, it actually really sucked.

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@casheroo I’m sure it did… I was joking.

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It is the best thing for a migraine – if timed right!
Oh…and it is very enjoyable.

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To express love
Because it feels fantastic

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@daloon What do you mean by an interesting STD? One that turns junk pretty colors or gives one some sort of super power? Elaborate please.

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Sex can also give you a migraine! It’s called ‘orgasm migraine’, for real. I’ve gotten them about 10 times, right at the exaaaaact moment of orgasm. Sudden and extremely painful… and totally unfair!

cak's avatar

ack! oh crap, don’t tell me that – I’ll never have sex, again! I will pray that I never suffer that terrible fate…an orgasm should be good, never bad!

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I know! It’s like… you’re expecting pancakes, but end up with a bowl full of bugs!

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orgasms, I like them.
& I like to make other people feel pleased.

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Recently, my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant. The orgasms are just a kickass bonus!

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@mrswho: Superpowers would be nice. I really didn’t have anything particular in mind. Well, maybe. Some new genemod std that, oh, I don’t know… a science fictiony kind of thing.

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For fun, to make babies, and to pay the rent.

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You need specific reasons to have sex? When did this start and why wasn’t I notified?

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If it’s not too personal and you don’t mind sharing, I’d be interested in knowing what the medical condition was and how you got over it (if you have)?

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I LOVE sex not only for self satisfaction,but because part of that satisfaction is I LOVE to torture her with pleasure.The more she moans and twists and and and and,the more pleasure I derive.I love using feathers,ice,handcuffs,battery toys,etc.,etc.

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@Bagardbilla sorry, it’s personal.

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mmmm sex. I used to have sex because it made me feel pretty. Then I had sex because I loved someone and everything changed. I have sex with my husband almost every night. Usually because sex is fantastic and sometimes to reassure him that I’m here even though I’m busy.

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@chellebox Do you have a sister?

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is that so unusual, lol? my husband and I have sex almost every night as well…

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Same for my husband and I, except we prefer the morning. :)

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@jonsblondmy husband’s hours have changed a bit – we really are liking the mornings!

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@cak It’s a great way to start the day, isn’t it. :)

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@jonsblondno kidding! we should have been on this plan a long time ago!

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Not that unusual,but men are usually wanting it more than women.HOWEVER I MAY BE WRONG.(or they express the need,want more than women)so I thought,but I am glad to be wrong!

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@jonsblond I really hope your husband appreciates that because I also prefer the morning.I have been lucky to have known early morning love,but many of my friends have mentioned “penis destruction“at the attempt of A.M. sensual awakening!

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@Wildman Your poor friends! My husband definitely appreciates it. I hope that you find that morning lovin’ again. Welcome to Fluther! :D

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I usually want sex not just because it feels good, but makes me feel loved and wanted. I guess im insecure like that… I love knowing that some one loves me…. that some one being my bf of course… and the ultimate way to show it, imo, is sex :)

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