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Should I have my husband try my underthings?

Asked by Heidikf (24points) April 7th, 2009

I’m a successful professional woman and my hubby has always shown a fair amount of interest in what I wear to the office each day. Most of his interest seems to focus on the panties and pantyhose that I have on under my skirt suits. I’m giving some serious thought to calling him on the carpet and asking him to try them on because hes so interested and because I want him to experience it.

I wondering if anyone out there has any experience with this or how I should approach him about giving it a try. Thanks in advance!

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There’s only one way to find out if he’ll try it: You just have to come right out and ask. Have a couple pairs on hand for him to choose from, then wait until you’re in a sexual situation and bring up the idea.

If he rejects the idea – based on the idea that what he find sexy about the panties isn’t their feel, but they way YOU look in them – then he’ll probably be VERY excited to see you put them on slowly and seductively. He’ll probably also like being able to pick out which ones to watch you put on!

One way or the other, by the end of the encounter, one of you will be wearing them, and you’ll both be very happy and fulfilled.

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I would approach it casually one night while you are about to engage in a regular sexual encounter, perhaps using him taking them off you as an opportunity to bring them up, start talking about how they feel on you, ask him if he likes them (silly question but guaranteed to get a yes), ask him how they feel on top of your skin, then if it seems right, ask how they may feel on his skin, and go from there.

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what makes you think he would want to wear them? I mean I like panties as much as the next guy but if my girl asked me put hers on I would be creeped out lol.

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Yes, I also wanted to bring up the fact that I don’t think him paying attention to your panties etc necessarily means he wants to wear them. Perhaps he just has a fetish for panties and pantyhose, or perhaps he fancies the thought of knowing what you’re wearing under your clothes at work where all the other people there don’t know. It could be a bit awkward to come straight out and say “Hey, do you wanna wear my panties?” but if you approach it slowly and ask small moving questions such as the ones I listed, his reactions should make it obvious to gauge whether he’s more excited about you in the panties or the panties themselves. Asking a tiny question like “I wonder how they would feel on top of your skin” could be met with an “Um… I don’t know babe” which would likely mean he’s not interested in wearing them, a “Let’s find out” would be a pretty good sign he’s interested.

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Well the thing is that I do know hes curious about the way they would feel to wear because hes asked me what they are like to wear and has shown curiousity about that in other ways through comments, etc. So its not a question of that. Its more a question of how to approach it with him. And I’m also interested to know if any women out there have had any experience with this or would share their thoughts on the topic in general too!

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Um, I guess you want him to wear them?
If you’re married, you should be able to approach him with any fantasy of yours. Just tell him.

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I’d be careful here Heidi!
You know one minute it’s all fun and fantasy, and next thing you know… Your red garder with your favorite lace panties are missing and he’s off in the conference room giving a presentation with that warm soft feeling inside! ;)
—gettin’ all jiggy with his hands in his recently torn pockets—

Welcome to Fluther BTW!

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No keep your husband a man. You will be glad you did. If not he will soon be wearing all your clothes and have a new set of friends.

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Just tell him. Your hubby will still be a man even if he enjoys your clothes

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@GAMBIT Seriously? Sharing a fantasy and occasional cross-dressing with your partner makes someone not a man? And if he puts on the clothing to try something new and kinky with his wife, he’s all of a sudden going to catch the crossdressing virus?~


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@Bagardbillavery funny!

@Heidikf – You know, if you don’t think you would have any lingering issues with asking him – ask away! Keep in mind, there is always the after the moment, “ok, what now?” thought. Will you be okay with this after you guys try it? I’m not trying to talk you out of it, I’m just saying be prepared for both sides, that’s all. What happens between you two, happens. You are a married couple, in love and are comfortable enough to discuss this, then by all means, discuss it!

Only you and your husband can truly decide this, we can just throw out opinions.

Oh and no, I’m not sharing with my husband. Are you kidding? It took forever for me to try to find a line of underwear that I love as much as I do! Sorry! I’m all about the comfort, right now! :)

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If crossdressing turns a man into a woman now, I know a lot of MTF folks that will be pretty excited to hear this news!

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@GAMBIT—You fail!

@Heidikf—Go for it. We want pictures. ;)

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I can’t think of anything except: “What the hell?”

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@MacBean – Yes I do fail on this one and I am glad.

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@Likeradar – Just call me old fashioned.

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@GAMBIT You say old fashioned, I say closed-minded.

Tomato, tomahto

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the question of “why would you want him in your knickers?” comes to mind.
i’m inclined to say no, myself, but since you’ve already said your husband seems keen, go for it!

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Do not shy away from this – help him explore this…playfully give him a pair of your panties and then take a pair of his underwear, tell him you’ll do a switch-a-roo and see what happens…ignore the ‘this will make him a woman’ comments…gender and sexuality are fluid and that’s normal…love is more important…besides if he really does have a secret ‘unmaly’ desire to be a woman, do you want to stay in a relationship with him if he’s not happy in his arrangement? these things are kind of a biggie, you know…

have fun!

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The details were very disappointing to my plans. From just the main question, i had been going to answer, “Not unless he is well known as a judge of underthings; otherwise, he might put them away for life, if he considers them accessories.”

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i think the only thing why he is very interested in your lingeries is because he like you wearing those. he finds you very sexy and attractive. well, there are some things women do not understand about men.some says ” its a man’s thing”.you should be happy that you’re man loves everything about you..
i doubt he wants to try on your lingerie…he just finds you very sexy in it.

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You guys should go lingerie shopping together. It will give you a great way to start talking about this. If he does want to wear panties and stockings, you can buy him some and then you won’t have to give up any of your own… these items can get expensive. :p

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I’m honestly just curious: What’s hot about that?

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What’s not?

I’m not sure this is the kind of thing you can explain. You either get it or you don’t.

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And the “reason” for it would be . . . . . . .WHAT. . . . . . . ., exactly??????????

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Why does anyone like anything? Because they do.

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I enjoy my younger boyfriend wearing lingerie. Mostly just hoseriy and panties. He enjoyed me so much in my stockings and wanted me to wear them all the time we fooled around so I put a pair on him. It excited him so much it caused me to get excited and things went from there. He does not wear them all the time but most of the time we are playing around he is in either panties, hose or both.

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It’s good to find out what works for you—i applaud your having found mutually enjoyable activities that harm no one.

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jajajajajajajja!!! LOL
well let him try ‘em out, as long as he doesn’t leave you without underwear every morning because he didn’t do the laundry, it’s fine, jajajajajaj.

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Why Not ?? My wife throws her panties at me once in a while. Granted there is nothing sexy about them, but just the feel and idea get me going. Besides, if he likes it and you like it, I’m sure you two will buy your own things. Or a shared panty drawer could be established, you have your dainties seperate from the communal load. LOL My wife and I share our stuff, but she won’t wear my silkey lacy things.

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Yes you should. Men, like women have been subjected to dehumanizing gender roles that have robed them of much of what a human being is about. Women are told to be pretty, sophisticated, eloquent and sensual and of course denied every thing else. Men are given every thing else BUT we have had our beauty and sensuality and eloquence either ripped away from us or somehow perverted into an ugly macho character of what it would be normally. As a man I have struggled all my life to express those things that I had stolen from me, they were taken , screwed into a certian shape, labbled “feminine” and put on a shelf out of my reach. What you husband likely wants is a piece of himself that has been cut off by a degenerate system. He sees you being beautiful, sophisticated etc and being a healthy human being under neath all the lies and brainwashing wants to express his own sensuality and sophistication to, of course the only image he as ever seen of that is the image you have been trained by society to portray he sees sensuality and beauty in the crumpled up shape that has been labeled “feminine” by society and is reaching for it to fill a void in himself.

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@shf84 Well said, I wish I could give you more than 1 GA, also I am putting that statement of yours as a new note on my facebook and I will give you credit

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Thanks for tagging me on FB. I gave him one.

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thank you, I’m cooking up an article for associated content about it. I think it may enplane why some men cross dress and your metro guys. I would say she should be empathetic with him, he has been brain washed against that side of himself even on threat of physical violence since he was a child, it’s not an easy thing to overcome

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@shf84 I’d like to see the finished article when you’re done.

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Sure,if I can find a place to post it on here I’ll put up a copy, I’m not sure if fluther has a story or experience site like experience project but their might be something, i’m pretty new here.

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@shf84 nah, it doesn’t but you can certainly pm (private message) me the link.

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i dressed up in womans clothes once, suspenders, knickers, bra and stuff, for some college reason, it was pretty hot.

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@shf84 Send it to me too.

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I would see what panties he pays the most attention to and pull them out one day and just ask him if he would like to try them on

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