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Where can I get a pre-cut Christmas tree in Seattle?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) November 29th, 2006
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Home depot, I hear.
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the dunsee house is having a christmas tree fundraiser. it is at 17th & thomas.
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my momma and i go to this place on holman road by the QFC they usually have good ones and help you get it on your car and everything.
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A) Home Depot has a million. They'll cut the base for you and make it packable for your car. It'll run you $30 - $50 for a 6ft tree. B) Rising Hill/Rising Sun fruit stand? on 65th has a good selection, tends to run a little pricey C) Many Scout Troops/fundraisers sell them in the parking lots of supermarkets. This is often the easiest, but wil also cost more. D) I got mine in Everett, and while the thought of traveling there may not appeal to you, I got a nine-foo
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(whoops!) nine-foot Doug Fir for $24, and it's beautiful. Top Food and Drug on Aurora also has them too. Good luck!
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