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Have you ever been "found" by someone who had a crush on you in highschool, and it worked out?

Asked by creatrixe (56points) April 8th, 2009

Two of my friends over the past year have come into contact with guys who had serious crushes on them in highschool. Both women got burned by these guys: one just wanted to fulfill his highschool fantasy, and the other decided to reconcile with his ex-wife. Now it’s my turn to be found-after 20 years-and I want to know if it ever works out for the crushed-upon?

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I’ve seen very interesting things, you give it a shot, you don’t need to wait to be found, why don’t you go and make the move! finding, be found, it doesn’t matter, make it happen, I hate the what ifs in my life :)

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I was “found” twice… the first time was when I was 25 by a guy who, in retrospect, made it so obvious in high school but I was too dense to do anything but think I had no chance. We drunkenly hooked up, I got needy, the end. The second time was more recently and I was incredibly flattered and made me realize just how stupid I was as a teenager. It didn’t go any further than that.

It totally can work out. Just like any budding relationship- sometimes it sinks, sometimes it swims.

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Heh, just got found last week.
Kinda scared.

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I was “found” at one of my high school reunions. It didn’t work out. The guy had serious problems that didn’t come to the surface until weeks, months after dating. One of his problems was a profound lack of confidence that he took out on me.

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@chynaoh, yeah…that’s bad. I’m glad that didn’t last!

I was found, once. It was interesting, but we didn’t click. He tried, he really did, but he had ideas for people – they should be in “places” and if they weren’t his life was in disarray. Yeah, well…that’s not me. Some days, I’m a on schedule kind of person, other days…I spill my cheerios.

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@fireside Don’t let mine and Cak’s misadventures deter you. Yours could work out.

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On the whole, wow, not many good experiences to be found :)

@cak, that’s what I worry about: the finder has an idea of what he/she wants already.

@fireside, keep us posted!!

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@chyna and @creatrix – well, I don’t really want it to work out. In this particular case, I wasn’t interested back in high school either. : )

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@creatrixe – like what chyna said – don’t let our experiences stand in your way! It was nice to be found, it just wasn’t meant to be. :)

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Heh heh, @chyna, me neither; in fact, the guy irritated me so badly I wanted to kill him. He looks really cute in his facebook pics, but I just can’t imagine the chemistry. And don’t worry, I’ll give it a chance. Hey, maybe he just wanted to say hello :)

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yes, and of course it did not work out. She had put me on some pedestal thinking I was the perfect man for her, to the point where she wouldn’t marry the boyfriend she’d been dating for ages. She was always hoping that it would be me instead of him.

Eventually she told me, and we hooked up, and even though she was great in every respect, I just couldn’t see myself being with her. There was nothing wrong, it just didn’t “click” for me. And the sex was horrible, because she was trying too hard (she was doing it right in theory, it just wasn’t working for me). I just couldn’t do it. So I persuaded her to go back to her ex, and now they’re happily married and have a wonderful little daughter.

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