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Why is it everyone makes fun of blondes for being 'dumb'?

Asked by kayysamm (435points) April 9th, 2009

Im a natural blonde myself, like BRIGHT blonde hair. Everyone at work or in school cracks jokes saying I’m a ditz, or a ‘dumb blonde’.

Why is it that blonde is the hair color of choice to be ‘stupid’? Why not red heads?

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It’s a stereotype.
Assuming blondes are beautiful (not always true) and that beautiful people needs no brain to achieve what they want or are required to (not always true).

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Red heads are stereotyped for being hot-headed.

But it is pretty [for lack of a better word] racist to stereotype blondes.

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I just always wondered what created blondes to be the dumb ones of the bunch.

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I NEVER poke fun at blondes.

How can you tell when the secretary is blonde?

There’s white-out all over the computer monitor.

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Blondes have more fun! The world loves blondes. Then you have your typical jealous brunette that can’t stand it. So they spreading broad sweeping stereotypes. lol!!! It’s a harsh cold world we beautiful blondes live in. sniff sniff.

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Haha, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE being a blonde and use it to my full advanatage. I just always wondered why blonde hair.

When I had pink and purple in my hair in late october till december, no one poked jokes. hmmmm…..

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I think the ones primarily responsible for the “dumb blonde” thing were brunette women who felt blondes “have more fun” like @ShauneP82 said.

Go yell at THEM. Those ba$tards!

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I think you owe this one to Pam Anderson…

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(psst! It’s “you’re”)

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ha, so my grammer stinks.

sue me :)

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(er, it’s “grammAr”)

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@Mr_M There are no capital letters in the middle of a word, sammater with ya?

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We’re just jealous!

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@Darwin I admit, I’m jealous of any person who isn’t follically-challenged, whatever the colour.

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@Zen Bald is beautiful! Look at your avatar. What a sexy beast. lol.

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Still… we’re getting off track, the question was: Why is it everyone makes fun of blondes for being ‘dumb’? No-one makes fun of me, cuz I’m big and bald. If I was big and blonde, no-one would make fun of me neither. Conclusion, if you’re big, no-one makes fun of you. The question should be about small blonde women.

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@Zen Anna Nicole Smith was big and blonde. Many people made fun of her. ;)

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I knew a girl in college who was blonde and extremely book smart. Sadly though, she couldn’t find her way out of a paper bag to save her life. I never could understand it. This girl aced the MCAT, but still couldn’t determine her left from right. *shrugs

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@jonsblond I try to make it a habit of not speaking ill of the dead. But she was an exception.

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I’m naturally blonde. Of course I hear the blonde jokes but who cares. Most people that are blonde aren’t natural blondes, so most of the “stupid blondes” are actually brunettes. Hair color has nothing to do with how smart you are.

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If it’s any consolation at all, I don’t make fun of blonde women. I’ll flirt with you uncontrollably, though, if that’s okay.

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Are there any jokes/stereotypes about black haired people?

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Why is it everyone makes fun of blondes for being ‘dumb’?


Just kidding…..

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I have no idea, I’m naturally blonde, dyed red. What does that say about me? :P

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