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We all know that Britney Spears, has some screws loose. Does anyone think she has some sort of mental illness? Will she ever get a grip? Or is she just too closely scrutinized?

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Leave the poor woman alone. If I had every single detail of my life out in the public eye, I’d go crazy too.

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I know I’m going to get chastised for this, but I actually sort of feel bad for her. She is constantly followed by photographers and people just waiting to see what kind of crazy thing she does next, it seems impossible for her not to wig out (good Lord, no pun intended.) every now and then.
I hope she can recover her career. Again, I know I’ll get it for this but I actually think she has some talent. It is sad to see it wasted.

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Honestly, I didn’t read the links.

The girl – and she is a girl, she’s hardly had to really grow up, and that is very, very sad, has issues. She’s young, she has everyone pulling at her for something, she’s a mother and has one, no two, divorces under her belt.

If she is bipolar, it’s not something easy to get used to dealing with. She has a mother that was perfectly willing to leave her twisting in the wind, while she was busy writing a shitacular book on how to parent. I guess her dad is taking her best interests to heart. I don’t know.

If someone really loved her, they would tell her to take more time off, spend it with her sons and grow up and mature some. She deserves better. She deserves normal. So do her sons.

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Where have you been?
It’s pretty much been accepted she’s bipolar, lukla.

Anyway, I feel sorry for her. And I don’t care to discuss it.

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leave her alone, for Christ’s sake.

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I think she’s pulled it together quite well at this point. I also read/watched the link and don’t see anything wrong with it at all. She snapped for awhile, it happens to the best of us, her new album and tour are doing great, what else do people want? I see leave her alone.

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Try living your life under a microscope. Everything you do watched and reported on. Every move you make exaggerated on and made into a negative campaign against you.

Personally I have no opinion on her as a person either way. But knowing the press and the “PR Machine” that is designed not to report honest truth but to report sensationalized gossip in order to make a profit my only question regarding this topic is :

Why do people spread gossip and feed the paparazzi with questions like this?

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Wow! I had no idea Fluther was a secret cover for all Britney Spears fans. But you all proved me wrong.

And don’t give me that tired bullshit about why can’t celebrities live their lives in peace. They bring it upon them selfs. Why do you think the media cares so much about her and her crew, because she does DUMB SHIT. If she did not do dumb things no one would care. And further more, if she did not want all the attention, drop out all together, and live a life like the rest of us “normal people” I do dumb stuff all the time, and no ones cares. Thats because I don’t make movies, or records for a living. If you can’t handle the heat then get out of the kitchen. Also plenty of celebes, stay out of the lime light and have wonderful careers.

Plus I just think it is all hilarious. I did not know everyone was going to take it so seriously.

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Them selfs should be themselves. Does DUMB SHIT should be, well, shouldn’t be. And further more is both redundant, and not hyphenated. You wrote: And further more, if she did not want all the attention, drop out all together, and live a life like the rest of us “normal people” I do dumb stuff all the time, and no ones cares. Please re-write this chapter. Celebes, should be celebrities, or celebs.

Thank you for your co-operation and wonderful commentary.

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Oh and I m sure I will take more burns on this, so flame on!

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@lukiarobecheck Are you really of the Fantastic Four?

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I think she is bi polar. My mother is bi polar. Her life has not been east, nor has the lives of those that love her. She is an extremely intelligent and loving person on her good days. She is one of the most horrible, depressed and mean person on her bad days. When she takes her medication, she is perfectly normal. She often decides that she doesn’t need it, and hides the fact that she doesn’t take it. After a few days we can all tell, and Dad now has to give it to her every day like a child. Britney needs someone in her life who will help her along. I could not imagine living her life, nor would I want to.

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It’s easy to think she should just drop out and live a normal life, but what you’re not considering is the fact she has no idea what normal life is. Her mother has exploited her from childhood. Every day of her life she has been surrounded by money hungry people trying to use her. I agree that celebrities choose to be in the public eye, but the public is too demanding. She broke down. It’s sad, and I hope she can continue getting better. I feel sorry for her. That doesn’t make me a fan of Britney the celebrity, it makes me a fan of Britney the human.

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@lukiarobecheck It’s not that we are huge fans of Britney, we’re just kind to people that need help. Flutherites usually just make fun of Sarah Palin supporters and people that can’t spell.

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I think I read that she was bipolar.

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@jonsblond are you implying that I supported Sarah Palin. And if so where did you get that idea from?

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It’s a joke. There aren’t many people on fluther that like the woman. It was nothing personal. My apologies.

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@Zen, I am firing my editor as we speak. I hope that was grammatically correct.

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@lukiarobecheck personally, it sounds like sour grapes. You didn’t realize that we just didn’t want to deal with further ways to trash people. Especially those that might not have it all together.

I’m not a fan. I’m a 38yr old mom that sees a child in an adult body. I feel sorry for her. She has all the money she needs, but no life. She’s not the only one, though. There are two children that will miss normal things, because of this.

You asked a question, people answered. I think you didn’t expect that people just didn’t want to trash someone, kicking someone while they are down, or while they are struggling, never cool in my book.

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Who’s Britney Spears?

@jonsblond: “people who can’t spell”? This does seem to be a losing battle.

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I don’t know, it’s a tough call. I think she was just a little too young and a little too naive to handle everything she had thrown at her. Fame, marriage, kids. I think she was abusing drugs and/or alcohol for a while, but since she kicked K-Fed out, she seems to be a little more stable.

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@gailcalled Thank you for helping me with my grammatical error. :)

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@jonsblond : “That” is slipping into common usage. Editors will still red-pencil it in manuscripts.

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i think it’s a combination of over scrutinizing celebrities and the effect that sort of thing has on her. can you imagine being under the spotlight since you were like 10 years old? i’m not saying she didn’t ask for it, but it has to be at least slightly traumatizing, regardless of whether you wanted to be famous or not. also, people draw conclusions about celebrities. people make things up. not only does that factor into how crazy she seems, but i’m sure that also plays on her mind, and those around her.

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Personally and i’ll keep this brief though this is a topic I could write a book on….I don’t think she is bipolar, infact I think she is very normal. I think her entire life(including right now and all the positive publicity, the tour, the CD) is a big front that she is forced to live by. Her career started out with anticipation of success and it was, from there people wanted this innocent girl that kept shocking them with revealing outfits, sexy songs and moves and they literally watched her grow up before their eyes. It got to a point where Britney was no longer Britney, she was whatever she had to be during interviews, concerts, performances, magazines, etc. etc. If any of you remember Britney pumped out album after album consecutively every year almost, and when she wasn’t doing that she was touring and if she wasnt doing that she was in a commercial or a tv show or a performance and so on. The girl probably lost her way a long time ago and after Justin and then her divorce( the one that mattered) I think she realized that her life wasn’t all laid out perfect like it was for so many years and reality probably finally hit her when she was in a situation where it was to late to go back, she had kids and already started making negative press with her marriages and marital choices. I think from that point she started realizing so much of her life was gone where she didn’t get to live it how she would have liked but had to live it as Britney the superstar with people befriending her in ways that were probably self gaining and hurtful to a degree. She may have had everything as far as the career goes but nothing when it came to her own life. I think now she is working through that and kind of getting a grip on what her life is and how to manage a career and live her own life and deal with where she put herself today. I think it’s an easy mistake for someone that young starting out in such a business to make, I think for years she rolled with the punches and suddenly she snapped out of it and was like whooaaaa where am I. That is my take on things and I feel it’s a pretty fair way to look at things. I think in time she will find her self but I think in the long run she will always feel like she missed out on a huge part of her life and gave it away for success. The only thing she can do now is reason with that and find a way to look at it that she can accept and be happy with. She has her whole life ahead of her now and she will realize that appreciating everyday from this point on is her only option and will learn to be happy I think.

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