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What does "down to earth" mean to you?

Asked by Facade (22922points) April 15th, 2009

I never know what people mean when they say someone is “down to earth.” What type of personality does that kind of person have? Is wealth a factor? Appearance? Intelligence? Or (dare I say) Religion?

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“Down-to-earth” means the person is realistic and practical, doesn’t have their head in the clouds, etc. I’ve been described as “down-to-earth” before. says “not pretentious or affected; straightforward.” Anyone can be down-to-earth. For me, at least, practicality is just a trait a person possesses, it’s independent of other factors that surround that person.

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It means you have your feet on the ground.

Edit: Figuratively, it means that you figuratively have your feet on the ground.

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I usually think of it as unpretentious.

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Besides the already great answer given by @Dansedescygnes, “down to earth”, to me, means someone who has an optimistic, happy go lucky, practical, realistic, and easygoing outlook on their life and how they approach events in their life.

I think it is more of a state of mind than anything else as opposed to outside influences playing any significant part such as those you listed in your details for example – wealth, appearance, intelligence, and religion.

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Start looking for survivors among the wreckage.

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A person who doesn’t have a big ego, who is relaxed and easy to get along with.

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Its more like how closer you are to earth more than being down-to-earth. But yes its the opposite of having our head in the sky (with pride or not so much pride).

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Dave beat me to it. Nice one. :P

I always think of Space Shuttles colliding and space debris falling through the atmosphere. Literally, every time I hear it. Then again, I might be crazy.

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Someone who isn’t full of themselves, and has more regard for people than material things.

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What she said. :P

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Down to earth people are empathetic, meaning they are truly paying attention to others and dealing with people on their level, but not in a pretentious or stuck-up way, and yet are still themselves without hiding who they are. Down to earth people can see others and are OK with themselves enough to be seen by others.

Yeah, yeah, I’m working on it.

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Are the salt of the earth down to earth?

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Able to laugh at themselves, founded in a stable state of mind, unpretentious.

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