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What do you feed your baby for night?

Asked by tobiasdigital (4points) April 19th, 2009

Babies shouldn’t go to bed hungry, but they also shouldn’t get those “goodnight-meals” with all that sugar and stuff. So what do babies like to have for dinner, which is healthy, delicious and keeps them full for night.

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Depends on how old your baby is but I got a thing in the mall from Gerber that said to give them a snack bottle before bed.

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A feeding before bedtime is pretty standard, whether that be breast milk or a bottle of formula.

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Babies usually don’t start eating anything other than formula or breast milk until they are ingesting more than 32 oz. of formula in a day (4 full bottles). For most babies, this is around 4–5 months old.

Usually you start with solids—cereals, then introduce fruits, vegetables, then meats. Once a baby has started eating solids, cereal with a little fruit at night will keep them full and asleep for the evening.

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Babies are not going to stay full for the night. They need to have milk frequently, which means that the grown-ups have to be up and feeding them. So, no need to pump them full (fuller than they want to be). Just relish those wonderful nights when you get to feed and snuggle your baby with night time stars twinkling. It’s a quick stage—before you know it, the baby will sleep all through the night and you’ll think—that didn’t last so long!.

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This question can’t really be answered without knowing the age of the baby, what his or her diet is already like, and what his or her daily routine is like (when the baby usually eats and sleeps).

This would be an excellent question for the pediatrician at the baby’s next check-up. Or, you can look at a few parenting books to get an idea of what is age-appropriate (keeping in mind that all babies are different).

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Like the others, I’d need to know the age
Babies need formula and breastmilk til a year. I wish we hadn’t given my son food at 4–5 months, it’s one of my regrets (so far) as a parent.
I feed my 21 month old just a normal dinner. Tonight he had homemade mac&cheese with slices of ham in it.

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My baby is 10 month now and eating solids already (but still breastmilk in the mornings). We use to feed cerials with some fruit in the evenings, but she doesn’t seem to like it; she’s eating very well the other times though. We once tried out one of those sweet “goodnight-meals” (which she liked) but we don’t think its very healthy.

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I’ve actually never heard of a “sweet meal” I found myself giving my son oatmeal before bed, but he began eating too much of it, and was slowing down on his milk have to be careful about that before a year.
I’d start introducing some veggies, like sweet potato, peas, and green beans.

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I give my son an 8 ounce bottle before bed which has all the nutrienants they need

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breast milk.

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My baby is 8 mo old almost and he eats his last two meals at 8 pm and at midnight – 8pm is dairy and midnight is formula

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