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how long should you wait before they test your hair for marijuana?

Asked by susanc (16134points) December 5th, 2007

Apparently hair can be tested for levels of (THC?) for a longer time than urine. How long?

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A hair test usually goes back 90 days.

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It depends on how fast your hair grows, and how long it is.

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they make shampoo that you can buy online if you may be in trouble, lol

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why exactly is weed still illegal?

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i think weed is still illegal because any politician who comes out and says they think it should be legalized would be bashed in the press and by other politicians as drug promoting, etc. (not that that would be legit but you know the press) and very few politicians want to have themselves put in that light.

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Please flutherists, let’s not leave my practical quesiton behind. Even though these
issues are deadly important – I need to get some help here. Does anyone know what the magical shampoo is? Does anyone know if it’s Definitely 90 days? Thanks.

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sorry susan check they have a large amount of drug info

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It’s in the hair forever. This is why Britney shaved it all off. It’s not ON your hair but inside the follicle. No shampoo will work unless it strips the hair dramatically which will destroy all natural sheen. It’s your urine that disposes all traces within a time period.

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Yeah, it’s in your hair forever, along with any other drug you have used. Also, they can check for THC levels in your finger nails.

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Thanks so much, everyone. I sent info to the human being in question and she wisely
took a job as a waitress till March; only then will she go forward with her intention to substitute teach in her OWN KID’S elementary school. !
She says she feels cranky (that is, she’s in withdrawal) but hey. She’s not a felon any more either.

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wow I didn’t know you could find traces of drugs in your hair. Very interesting

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