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Does a thin blood condition cause one to chill easily?

Asked by jaymw90056 (1points) April 22nd, 2009

I’m under medication to control the thickness of my blood. It seems when my INR results in a reading above 2.5, I experience a chilly condition.

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Your blood keeps your body temperature up via the friction of flowing through your body (which is why to inflict a fever on itself, your body will increase your pulse). BUT I would think that blood thinners would have no effect, since your body makes plasma to make up for lack of blood.

But I’m no doctor. In fact the best person to ask would probably be your doctor.

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Yes, thin-blooded types are prone to being chilly. Typically the extremities [hands, feet, ears] are the coldest. People often say your hands are clammy or chilly.

Is it truly “thin” blood? Or is it anemia? I can’t imagine a doctor calling the condition “thin blood” unless he was trying to explain it.

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