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What technology breakthrough are you looking forward to?

Asked by Dog (25014points) April 23rd, 2009 from iPhone

I look forward to thumbprint scans to purchase instead of using debit/credit cards and checks.

What inventions would make the world a better place?

What are you hoping will be the next big technology breakthrough?

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fluthering and tweeting from my brain.

pure electric cars that are cheap and as reliable as gas vehicles.

a netbook from apple.

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@dog my husband agrees with you completely…He nearly DIES everytime someone writes out a check in front of us in line

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I’m looking forward to traffic lights that work ONLY when traffic is nearby.

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@SpatzieLover yes! imagine that!

I’m really still holding out for flying cars though =\

Or I’d at least like to be able to vacation in space one day… not gonna happen.

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cirlce joint hydrolics.

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I’d like to see cold fusion happen. AI’s are probably going to be important soon.

@ABoyNamedBoobs03 What is circle joint hydraulics?

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Nanos to attack cancer cells.

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true artificial intelligence.
the commercial use of nuclear fusion.
quantum computers.
robotic servants.
the revival of virtual reality with photorealistic graphics.
cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells.
lithium ion batteries that charge up within a few minutes.

that are the main ones i look forward too.

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@ragingloli I need a robotic servant.

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Instaport. I want to walk through a portal like the security scanner at the airport and be at my destination.

Also instabath.

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The video game market, think about video games 20 years ago, can you imagine what they will be like 20 years in the future?

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batteries good enough to make solar more effective/efficient

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Being able to punch people through the internet would be great.

Also, sending food through the internet. I really like sharing, and it always makes me a little sad when I have a really good cookie or something and I can’t split it with the person I’m IMing with.

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