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Can animals be gay?

Asked by Ownage (296points) April 23rd, 2009

Random question I always wondered. I never saw a gay dog or cat. Are animals even capable of being gay or is that something humans invented?

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Yes, there are documented cases of homosexuality in animals.

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Yes. A quick google will give you links to a bunch of articles.

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Gay was coined by humans, and it refers to a culture of people. Animals do not claim a sexuality, and thus cannot be gay or lesbian.

Homosexual acts have been documented in pretty much every type of animal, but I’m pretty sure animals don’t fight for equal marriage rights or have Pride parades.

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i think swans are pretty gay.

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We believe our male cats are homosexuals. The humping and grooming excessively leads us to believe this.

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there’s evidence of homosexuality in dogs

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The Bonobo chimps, our closest relative among the great apes have been documented to exhibit a complete range of sexual behavior including homosexuality, masturbation and even using tools to masturbate. In fact they are downright freaks who sometimes have sex all day long.
Also mountain gorilla groups of teen males have shown the same behavior. Eventually one will distinguish himself as an alpha or silverback and sire new offspring.

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Ricky Gervais says they can, so it must be true.

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I didn’t even know that this was still an unknown. I thought it was just common knowledge that there have been documented cases of homosexuality in animals. see what happens when you live in a liberal college bubble, you assume everyone is discussing such things on a day to day basis!

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Seagulls practice same sex raising of chicks and also simulate mating, so I suppose that would be the avian equivalent of a lesbian couple.

However, the other seagulls don’t ostracize such pairs.

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p’shaw. Homosexuality is just as natural with animals as it is with people. What I want to know is if this was just an isolated case or if we have to seriously accept the existence of serious sexual deviation in the animal kingdom.

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Yes, but in nature it would be considered “normal” behavior. Not known as “gay”.

As in two male or two female parakeets bonding to one another. Normal.

I think GAY is normal and always have for this exact reason

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Yes, i had gay rabbits ! and know of someone who had gay macaw parrots .

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Yes, animals, being animals, are capable of homosexuality. I once had a couple of domesticatedrodent males, one obviously liked the other…The other obviously did Not like the advances of theaggressor, however. That said, when my feline gottoo close to the cage, they united in protectingthemselves, such is the case in the Animal Kingdom.

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All I can say to that is wow, who knew? Gives new meaning to the old “go fuck a duck” phrase

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@SeventhSense – yeah, it almost, almost doesn’t surprise me. There were a lot of water birds where I grew up and I definitely saw a few ducks go in for the rape (heterosexual) when the other bird was given them an emphatic ‘fuck off’.

I’ve seen pigeons start moving in for the rape, but those guys tend to give up if they really have to expend energy on a chase.

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I remember a few years back seeing where scientist and oceanographers had discovered homosexual octopi in the deepest recesses of the ocean. These octopi were not just rubbing around on each other. They actually perform the entire mating ritual complete with consummation. I thought that was pretty interesting and spoke volumes about how savvy the animal world is compared to humanity’s narrow-minded shortcominigs.

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From personal experience, my father breeds pigeons. And just about every generation has at least one homosexual couple. Apparently this usually means two female pigeons sharing a nest with twice as many eggs as usual. What I’m most impressed with is the drive to produce offspring regardless of circumstances. These couples every once and while find “a way” to fertilize a set of eggs. They continue to raise the babies as a couple but had to leave the relationship to get the babies they wanted. Animals figured out sperm donation long before we did ;-)

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