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Where is the most random place you have Fluthered?

Asked by Ownage (296points) April 24th, 2009

Do you Fluther in a bar? Or do you Fluther in your car?
Do you Fluther in the house? How about by a mouse?
Who has Fluthered while gettin ass? Who likes to Fluther while smokin grass?
Would you Fluther in the hay? Do you Fluther every day!!!!

Where is the most random place you have Fluthered. Mine has to be at a stoplight. I noticed I had Wifi…... I Fluthered

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At a Justice concert.

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@russellsouza I thought that said cooch

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Strip club.. I lived by one and would eat there a lot. They had huge plates of chicken strips and fries for 5 bucks.

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On the toilet.

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On my friends roof. And once, I was in a lake, water up to my waist.

True stories.

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It’s not really that random. I use a laptop and we have wireless, so I take my laptop where ever I go. I like sitting out by the pool whenever I’m not babysitting and the weather is nice. I have an extension cord all set up. I use a portable unbrella during the winter, and a Portable Gazebo which I set up during the summer.

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Who is Justice? What kind of music?

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Sitting out in the cemetery on my iPod Touch…wifi courtesy of unsuspecting house. hehe

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In my car waiting outside my daughter’s kindergarten
At Prague airport, waiting for my plane (on my laptop)
At Athens airport, using the free internet terminals that are meant to find flights info and stuff
various netcafes around Europe
at my sister’s place, while everyone else was watching TV

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In class.

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A very common place: toilet

A weird place: bathtub

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my fav restaurant… I was having dinner alone and had nothing to do until my order arrived…

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Not my cup of tea. Looks like a good time though

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In an insane asylum.

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