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What makes you think of summer?

Asked by panspermia (308points) April 25th, 2009

Sometimes it’s just the little things like, smell the freshly cut grass, taking the dog for a walk through the park,eating an ice-cream and feeling like a child,taking a nap in the hammick, walking on the beach, feeling the warm summer breeze sweep across to body and also smell of suntan lotion etc…. So tell me—What Makes You Think Of Summer? What Things Or Objects Make You Think Of Summer?

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the smell of rain on hot concrete

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God-awful mugginess, oppressive heat, sleepless nights…fuuuuuck Chicago!

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I live along the water, so, the smell of the beach when I have my windows open and a breeze comes through my bedroom window at night.

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Freshly cut grass, the smell of people barbecuing, warm nights with a slight breeze, hearing the crowds cheer in the distance at the beginning of baseball season for all the little ones, hearing music being carried on the breeze from the multiple open windows…

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The sun.

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Thunder storms.

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@petethepothead Forgot those.

And walking in warm rain. God, I love that.

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Sweating like a pig.
Sticking to the furniture.
Massive electric bills for the AC.
Looking like a goober in shorts all the time.
~ Love Summer in Boston.

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Shirtless young men playing footie in the park across the street from my apt. I can see them from my terrace. ::sigh::

Prams. They are out in full force today, with tiny, pinky-browny babyfeets kicking at the sky.

The slight ocean-y smell that carries over from the New York Bay.

The Mister Softee truck. I might get a cone of soft-serve today.

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Juicy Fruit chewing gum
sun tan lotion
freshly mowed grass

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Reminders of Summer in Phoenix, Arizona:

- Having to use oven mitts to touch your car steering wheel until the car’s AC cools off the interior of the vehicle

- News reporters giving a daily report of how many minutes you can stay out in direct sunlight before it becomes hazardous to your health

- Huge electric bills due to constant AC

- A very conspicuous and frustrating (sometimes) lack of rain. Even more so than during the rest of the year

- An increase in wildfires

- Triple digit temperatures….in the shade

- Being able to fry an egg on the sidewalk. I’ve actually done this before

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flowers, bee’s, humidity, the sudden urge to go to the beach…

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flowers and new tattoos. I don’t know why.

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Ooh, I have one more…

Folks wearing too little or too small clothes they have no business wearing in public.

can you tell I’m more of an Autumn person?

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Cicadas and really, really hot vinyl car seats.

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Needing to take a shower, right after getting out of the shower. I have no central A/C and no bathroom exhaust fan in my ancient house. :(

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don henley of course

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My birthday, that sticky feeling I get just from being outside, my sons birthday :), going into a car so hot that you can barely breathe, dairy queen and rita’s..

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@casheroo Oooh. Rita’s. I second that.

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Any music by NeverShoutNever. It’s all happy music, and makes me dream of summer days.

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the sweet smell of suntan lotion.
the feeling of sun on my cheeks.

i tan once in a while just to get those two things.

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smell of suntan lotion. smell of barbecues. smell and sound of the beach. eating outside. fireflies. summertime songs.

it’s been about 90 degrees in the Northeast in the last three days so we’ve been thinking about summer whether we want to or not!! nobody is ready and there’s no AC yet at work so we’re roasting!!

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The smell of suntan lotion, warm breezes, and feeling soft grass under my feet

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