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Why don't People ("they" of course) organize better?

Asked by ideabrian (404points) December 9th, 2007

If people organized themselves, they could form their own banks, schools, businesses etc. Instead, we let governments organize us and businesses profit from our unwillingness to.

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Most people do not want to take on risk or responsibility. Also the challanges of following regulations often overwhelm people who otherwise have the tallent or experience to perform a certain task. The biggest challange is that people have difficulty working with other people. It’s interesting that you refer to the government organizing us since the government itself is the result of people trying to organize themselves. I guess people along the way decided the government was responsible for us rather than us being responsible for the government.

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Um, government is ostensibly the product of people organizing. If the government isn’t doing a good enough job of being the “people’s” former of banks, paver of roads, manager of schools, etc, then you should try to mess with or improve the government. That includes limiting corporate powers…which of course they don’t do because corporations lobby the government. But then again, corporations themselves are nothing but groups of people cooperating and organizing in the way you imagine.

But your real question seems to be a sort of “why can’t we all just get along?”

The answer to that: we are killers. It is what we do. We kill and hate and rape and steal. And that’s human history: a nightmare we can’t wake up from.

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Forgetting about Big Brother and corporate greed for the moment ( topics too overwhelming for me) I know that many folks have started wonderful non-profit schools as an alternate to the public schools that often aren’t, sadly,working well; ditto w. small businesses. That doesn’t mitigate the fact that we are paying and voting in order to have decent public education etc.

You can get involved in grass roots politics and be on school boards in order to have your voice heard and be part of the participatory process. But soeth6 is correct. Even in small towns with local issues (ie; zoning or land use planning) the disagreements turn into wars; the factions become nasty and go on the attack, the letters to the newspaper get more and more vitriolic, neighbors cross the street to avoid each other…

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Technically corporations are people, or a “person” moreso.


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Somebody profits from pretty much everything. I’ve seen some pretty obscene salaries paid to people working for “non-profit” organizations. I’ve also seen some “non-profit” organizations that seem to spend a lot more time on parties for its little group than getting anything done.

When it comes down to it, we’re all human, even the biggest corporations are still human (even their software was programmed by somebody to do as directed by someone).

And even though it is very tempting, I refuse to accept the proposition that government or business is inherently evil. I do concede that the more localized and smaller anything is, government, business, charity, etc., the easier it is to control and direct. However, sometimes you can be too small to get something done.

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