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Has anyone else had problems with their computer after updating to the Firefox series?

Asked by FGS (1932points) April 25th, 2009

Are there any other browsers that function better?

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I switched back to 2.0

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I was not a fan of FireFox 3.0. I didn’t have problems with my computer, but the browser yes. I am on a mac, so I have lot’s of browsers that I use. I use Camino, and Safari the most. If you use a PC why not give Safari for PC a shot.

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Safari for Windows is pretty bad. The best Windows browser out there right now, besides FF, would have to be Google Chrome. It’s fast, secure, stable, and even looks pretty nice.

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I’m running on Linux, but I think it may be a little crashier than 2.0. However, the amount of memory it consumes on either Linux or Windows makes it heads and tails better than 2.0. Also the plugins make it irreplaceable for me. I can barely function without mouse gestures.

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I have a lot of browser crashes recently, but I have no idea what is responsible. It might be firefox it might not. I suspect it’s not, but anything is possible.

Google Chrome is great IMO.

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Opera is good too.

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Just to show how clueless I am:

Is the new version significantly different from the last version? I think mine updated, but I’m not certain. I haven’t noticed any changes.

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I got in SO MUCH TROUBLE when I down loaded it! My husband cusses every time he turns on that computer and we can’t figure out quite how to uninstall it. We know just enough to make a bigger mess.

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Actually, things have been doing better and moving faster since the most recent Firefox update that happened a couple of days ago.

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I updated a few days ago and haven’t really noticed any difference at all.

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I haven’t had a problem at all. It could be your add ons or extension. I’ve had bad ones give me trouble before.

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3.0.9 is pretty good, if that aint workin for you, try Flock.

Google Chrome…hmmmmmm yes it looks nice, probably runs great too, but come on, Google are taking over the planet, do you REALLY want them having access to your data? cos they collect it.

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@Walshy Hehe. Yes, the world government of google. It’s horrifying!

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