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Does anyone remember the Swine Flu vaccinations of the 1970's? Will we be encouraged to vaccinate again?

Asked by Divalicious (2170points) April 27th, 2009

I remember getting vaccinated, and getting sicker than a dog (or swine) afterwards. Are we more at risk this time around, or will the hoopla fizzle like before?

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I think people need to relax. Follow precautions, and not panic. I wouldn’t get a vaccination, unless there was a larger outbreak. I usually never get flu vaxes though.

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As always, xkcd is timely and topical: lick an autistic kid!

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Actually, that question is moot because there is no vaccine yet for this particular flu. If there should be a vaccine, then it would be wise to get it simply because getting sicker than a dog beats getting dead as a mackeral.

Of course, if the virulence should die away then a vaccine would be unnecessary for most healthy folks but still advisable for those with health problems or weak immune systems.

I will always remember that a friend of mine’s father, a perfectly healthy man, died of the flu at the age of 36. He felt unwell, lay down on the couch for a nap, and died. This was somewhere around 1964 or 1965.

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Unless you’re immuno-challenged in some way, I don’t see the big deal.

The swine-to-human version of the virus is apparently lethal… but then, that’s not really news. When these things occur – and they’re not that uncommon – that’s to be expected. And so far, that appears to be limited to a localized region of Mexico. You actually have to come into contact with pigs to get it.

What makes this particular virus newsworthy is that it mutated so that it could move human-to-human. But then, when that kind of thing happens – and again, this kind of thing has been seen before, too – that type of mutation usually attenuates the lethality of the virus.

And that’s why you’re seeing that high schoolers in Texas who have contracted the virus are up and walking around… because it’s pretty much just tamed down to be similar to the flu that thousands of us deal with each year as a matter of course.

No mask for me, thank you.

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According to the CDC there are 40 cases in the U.S. as of yesterday. I’m not going to wear a mask anytime soon, but I will probably wipe down the grocery cart with one of those wipes the next time I go shopping.

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So I should remove the plastic tarps and duct tape from my windows?
Cheney never told us to take them down so I figured I was all prepared for this flu outbreak.

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@fireside: Have you ever seen the movie Right Outside Your Door?

I mentioned it because you mentioned tarps and duct tape in a disease situation :P

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@squirbelwow no I haven’t seen that. looks pretty crazy. how was it?

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It’ll give you second thoughts on using duct tape and tarp. Watch it, it’s got a great twist.

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Maybe preparation for an extended stay in the house?

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In 1976, President Gerald Ford mandated the swine flu vaccination. Prior to this vaccination program only one American had died from it. 30 people, however, died of the vaccine. 1000’s were paralyzed due to gaille-barre syndrome. Drug companies send reps and lobbyists to Washington and the CDC to make sure that these vaccines get implemented. Vaccinations are medicines biggest life saver, but not the people biggest life saver.

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