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Could you describe your idea of the perfect kiss?

Asked by bright_eyes00 (1343points) April 27th, 2009

I’m not talking about dirty details. I’m talking about when and where kind of stuff. I’m a writer and am currently hung up on this subject. I need to brainstorm. Any ideas? Please help :)

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When I think of first kisses I think of clumsy nervousness apprehension, My first kiss was outside of my house it was an awkward peck on the lips. My first kiss with my newest boyfriend we were over by a river and by the abandoned concrete building and we I was pinned against the concrete wall . . .bumped my head on the wall but it was nice. Im sure that was immensely helpful

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I’ve had a few perfect first kisses. But here’s one. In high school, I liked this boy who was sort of… a nerd. I was not a nerd, so I had to keep our love affair under wraps. He had never been kissed before. We used to hide in the balcony of the auditorium after school and talk. We even held hands sometimes. He would write me poems. Then one day I decided it was time to steal his virgin lips. We held eye contact for a moment, then I kind of gently moved him up against the wall of the dimly (and quite romantically) lit balcony and gave him my best gentle passion. He returned the love, and it was one of the best kisses ever. Eventually I let the word out to my friends about him. The relationship continued into college, but did not end well. I know you didn’t want detail, but I couldn’t help it. I like to recount the good times. :)

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I was in Torquay.
It was summer.
Her name was Lucy.
We spent the night talking and walking around. We ended up sitting and chatting on the deck of my father’s boat (she was living near the marina area) , and we kissed at sunrise.

I never had to imagine what the perfect kiss was, because that was the perfect kiss. And it is, still.

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The perfect kiss slow, unexpected and full of warmth.

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@qualitycontrol Simple and Sweet Answer!

Most come from the unexpected, eyes locked into the others or even that quick glance that means so much. The slow movement towards each other and the anticipation i think are also crucial.

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Is this about first kisses, or any kiss that’s perfect?

I imagine a kiss that begins with a bit of teasing—sort of each partner faking towards the others lips, then veering off to kiss something else. Eyes are watching each other, too, looking lips, back to eyes, wondering what the other will do. Suddenly one person can’t stand it any more, and they pull the other person’s body so close, they are stuck together in one long body kiss, while the lips first, due to the sudden rush, press to hard against each other, but then they pull back feeling lip to lip, just lightly, opening slightly, tongues testing the waters, so to speak. It gradually gets more and more intense, and other parts of the body get involved.

Ok, so that’s en erotic kiss, not a chaste one. But to me, that’s a perfect kiss. Or it would be, if like Valentine Michael Smith in Stranger from a Strange Land, we could magically discorporate our clothes.

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I agree, the perfect kiss should be unexpected because then it can never go wrong seeing as how you didn’t plan for it and should have no expectations. I don’t think it has anything to do with place/time, just the person and the connection.

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Perfect kiss, @qualitycontrol got it. My favorite, when I am in the middle of something and my husband catches me off-guard. Nothing else expected, nothing movie-ish, just unexpected, when normal things are going on and out of the blue.

I was washing out a paintbrush this weekend, hair was a mess, I was a mess. My husband tapped me on the shoulder, I turned around, he kissed me. Unexpected, full of love. Great kiss.

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i think the kisses that are long and passionate followed by a couple of mini kisses are the perfect ones. unexpected is a definate plus.
or when you both start smiling mid-kiss. i love that.

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The perfect kiss is quite simply, the kiss by which all others are judged.

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heads tilted to the right, lips open but not wide, light tongue no further than the teeth, a slight exchange of sucking. My head swims.

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@Offero have to agree!

The perfect kiss is the one that after a thousand more, you could still vividly remember and long for again.

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