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What's your definition of "high maintenance"?

Asked by Facade (22917points) April 28th, 2009

Also, do you think it’s a bad thing?

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High maintenance (to me) means:“One that is hard to please while broke.” or “Chick with expensive tastes”.

And yes, that’s a bad thing. Money does NOT make the world go round.

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Most women.

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To me it means a person who always needs to eat out, especially an expensive restaurant, and buy new clothes all the time, or expect presents. Also someone who expects their partner to be there for every little thing that comes up and be “joined at the hips” so to speak.

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needy and/or demanding

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a phrase containing a tragically misspelled word

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@boots If money doesn’t fuel the world, what does?

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Annual dinner out.

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For me, it’s a person who always has drama going on. They have emotional issues that you must always attend to. It is very tiring. Not for me.

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High maintenance = self-absorbed, and will have what they will without giving a damn about what other people’s needs or wants might be.

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Asked here:

In short, it’s a person who thinks that his or her whims and insecurities are everyone else’s problem, a person who expresses his or her emotions freely regardless of context, and expects everyone present to do something about them or in response to them.

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It’s a person that is so damn needy-dependent that they cannot function without somone always doing things for them. They just can’t be independent. They always need someone around. People that can’t be okay with simple things.

It’s just too much! men and women can be this way!

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