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What's a job you could never see yourself as having?

Asked by Dansedescygnes (2881points) May 3rd, 2009

For some, there will be lots, but I’m kind of curious only about one or two such jobs, preferably aside from the traditional crack dealer, prostitute, or something like that.

One job I could never see myself as having is working at a nursing home or being one of those people who lives with an older person with Alzheimer’s. When my grandmother was still alive and had Alzheimer’s, she had a person living with her for a while. There is no way on earth that I could ever have that job; I’d rather be a janitor or something…

I admire the people who can do stuff like that because I could not at all. I also could never be a surgeon—I’m far too squeamish when it comes to blood and insides and what not.

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Writing code, being an auto mechanic, building dry walls, playing the banjo, selling insurance, for starters.

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Jiz Mopper

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If my family were hungry I would do what ever it legally took. I have worked in a nursing home and I have had a plush office. The nice thing about the nursing home is that you can actually leave it at work. The plush office seems to find me even when I am at home.

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nurse Until I was a nurse now I can’t imagine doing anything else

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Yeah, same. I could never be a soldier.

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I could never be a cop, preacher, any job that traps you in a cubicle , greeter at Wal-Mart, or proctologist.

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I could never work on wallstreet- stocks and money definitely not my strong point. That or professional athelete (I wish).

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Hospice nurse would be emotionally draining.

Cleaner/laundress/etc. It’s honest work, yes, but my temper would get the best of me when anyone played their high-and-mighty card. I’d be repeatedly fired, I’m sure. I’ve seen too many lord it up over cleaning people and that makes me angry.

Factory worker. The repetitive nature of the work would be guaranteed to bore me.

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I could never work at a fast food place. I cant see me being a cop or soldier either. (damn army recruiting place is right next to my work and they always try and friggin talk to me on my smoke breaks.)

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Anything that requires physical labor, working with people who can’t care for themselves, or doesn’t pay well. I’m sure there are other stipulations I cannot think of at the moment

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Oh, can’t be a public school teacher. Kids get on my nerves in a very short amount of time, even though I know it’s not their fault, usually. Kids are just noisy and snot-y and bratty sometimes, etc. But I can’t deal with that and I surely couldn’t deal with it coming from 30 of them every day.

Bless you, teachers!

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Brain surgeon

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Jobs I have no natural ability for:
Any finance-related job
Any fashion-related job
Event planner/coordinator

Jobs I have no stomach for:
Factory livestock farmer
Slaughterhouse worker
CIA interrogator
Arms dealer
Border patrol agent

Jobs I wouldn’t want responsibility for:
Air traffic controller

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Cabbie in NYC; driving out of my comfort zone gives me the willies!

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An army officer. Or anything to do with the army. (I was forced to serve, but refused to hold a weapon). I’d feel much more comfortable being a crack dealer or a paid assassin than killing people for a living and pretending to do it for “the greater good”.

I also hate jobs where I have to get up really early in the morning, but sometimes I’ve had to do that too. Luckily, not that much.

I would make a horrible surgeon or bomb squad technician (very unstable hands) or even electrician for that matter (even though I do some DIY stuff around the house). I am also extremely bad at selling things and generally persuading people, so door-to-door salesman or insurance broker is out of the question. I’m not saying I wouldn’t do these jobs, I’m just sure I’d be extremely crap at them.

I’d also like to avoid extremely tedious or tiring jobs (such as an assembly line in a factory), and I’ve seen some extra-gross jobs on Discovery channel that I’d rather avoid (though I generally don’t mind cleaning toilets, taking care of patients and so on).

But I think it all has to do with your choices. Stay hungry enough long enough, and anything is negotiable.

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nothing in the medical field, or a cop, a firefighter, an EMT, a teacher, or anything to do with kids. being a school bus driver taught me that. Nothing in finance, or relating to business or money, nothing in fashion, and I used to be a sign painter, but being left handed made that career choice a bad idea.

My wife works with developmentally disabled adults, and some of the things she does every day I wouldn’t do for a million dollars an hour.

There are so many fields I do NOT want to be in that it leaves very few fields to explore. I still haven’t found the perfect job, and I don’t think I ever will. I do however like what I do now, so I think I’ll stick with it. It beats construction work all to hell.

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Lead of a country.

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anything that requires me to be a douchebag.

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A politicion. I can not lie to people the way they do.

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I doubt that’s a job requirement

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could have fooled me.

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There are a lot of honest politicians out there

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I would never take a job that required me to sell cigarettes to people. My folks both dies from smoking and I simply won’t do it.

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Car Salesperson.

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Commission sales
Stripper or pole dancer or sex worker
Physics professor
Dump attendant
Anything involved with killing anything that is alive

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Well, it’s hard to kill something that’s dead.

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working atop a skyscraper.

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@Dansedescygnes hard, but not impossible. You just have to hit it a lot harder. :-)

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I could never ‘see’ myself being a cop.

But funny thing is that’s what I will be going to school to become.

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Any law enforcement agent.

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