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How can I get Firefox to stop blocking?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) May 7th, 2009

” Warning: Unresponsive Script…..”

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Firefox isn’t blocking. It’s telling you that the script running on that page is more than likely in an infinite loop, and asking if you want to continue to wait for it to be finished (likely rendering your browser inoperable until you restart it), or kill the script and take the output it has now (possibly giving you an incomplete or nonfunctioning webpage).

Why do you want to disable this behavior?

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@MrItty You see, I was suspecting that it is a standard behaviour.. but the problem is that it happens every half a minute or so. Very frequent. Just from the time you replied and I commenced typing a response it happened twice already. It blocks, the page goes white, it is inaccessible and paralysed. I imagine some of these events might be normal, like the page going white / blank, but it’s happening too often now, whilst it never did before a certain period. I cannot recall any extra components I’ve added or any actions I’ve performed to have damaged the program. I’m glad to think you can help.

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I would suggest running a virus scan of your computer. Sounds an awful lot to me like some other process is hijacking your browsing session. If that fails to turn anything up, it’s at least possible that your installation of FireFox is broken, and you should uninstall and reinstall it from scratch.

Good luck!

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This was a big problem with earlier versions of Firefox; which one are you running?

Meanshile, this may help.

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@crisw I’m using the latest version,

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