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Would You Like To See A Star Trek series on film or TV?

Asked by TheKNYHT (686points) May 8th, 2009

Based on the apparent success of this new film (and contractual agreements for two more) would you like to see these new actors and the revamped Star Trek continue in films, or a weekly series on television?

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Series. A movie is too short.

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These are movie actors, not TV actors (HUGE difference) .... There will be no show featuring these actors.

I would however love to see another star trek series.

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Star Trek: Enterprise was a bust I think, though.

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Enterprise was just finally getting good when it got canceled. They avoided the stuff all the hardcore star trek fans wanted to see for most of the series… and by the time they realized they needed to go there to get the fans interested, it was far too late to save the series.

A new series, with some new ideas (possibly from outside writers, the last 4 series have been largely the same group of people) would be welcome.

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Yeah, but if they get the idea of making Star Trek: X-men in space or get arnold to be the captain I would probably be added to the terrorist watch list.

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The actors are not necessarily movie actors, @westy81585. A lot of them started out in TV at least, and have continued appearing in TV shows. But I think a series of movies would be cool.

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@shrubbery They may have started on TV, but very rarely do actors go BACK to TV. And furthermore, Karl Urban (Bones), John Cho (Sulu), and Simon Pegg (Scotty) most definitely wouldn’t act on a tv series (especially Pegg). And I doubt Zoe Saldana would want to either.

And even if they could get them signed on, having been semi to very successful actors, they would demand more money than your average TV star makes.

I agree though, a series of movies would be cool… and looks likely.

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@westy81585 Simon Pegg started on TV in the UK. he wrote and created a show called Spaced. it’s very funny.

Zach Quinto is a TV star, starring on Heroes.

Urban was on TV in New Zealand, I believe. John Cho was on a show called Kitchen Confidential. Chris Pine was on ER, and several other shows.

This is not to say I think there should be a series with these individuals, but I think they could all swing it, of course.

I saw the movie today, and it’s amazing. If they can keep the quality up with more movies like this, i’ll be very happy with that. I’m surprised it hasn’t been compared with the current reboot of the Batman series yet.

Movie stars doing TV series is nothing these days: Jeff Goldblum is on Law and Order; Holly Hunter does Saving Grace; Danny DeVito is on It’s Alway Sunny; Alec Baldwin is on 30 Rock. $ = $.

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Ain’t no way they’re going to come back and do a TV series, a bunch of movie actors in the prime of their careers don’t go back to low paying TV. All the actors you listed, EXCEPT Baldwin haven’t had a good movie in years and probably needed money.

And besides, the money needed to pay them even if they did agree to do it (and I doubt you’d get much more than quinto and the guy playing chekov), would be monumental. No studio would put it up.

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I don’t favor one over the other. The only movies I go to are at the IMAX, because I don’t like theaters. I watch all other movies on my TV screen, or even on my computer screen, lately.

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I’m hoping very hard that there will be at least more movies if not a TV series. And as long as Brannon Braga is never allowed close to them again, I will be happy.

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@dynamicduo Hmm, whats his blooper in your opinion? Not defending anyone, just curious

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I’d be happy to let the Star Trek franchise lay fallow for a few years, until Voyager and the stupid bits of Enterprise have faded from memory.

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But I liked voyager… Does that make me a bad trekker?

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I wouldn’t mind having both.

Have Kirk and Crew keep sailing the galaxy on the big screen, while at the same time, create another FRESH Star Trek series, perhaps one even more distant into the future, say 100 yrs after Picard’s time . . . in fact I have a candidate for a story line. Just a little something I’d been working on a few years back. ; )

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weren’t there rumors of both a show about Starfleet Academy and also a show aboard a Klingon ship? The latter sounds better than the former, imo.

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A Star Trek movie series would be much more popular and exciting I think. Look what a series did for the James Bond name – I think they’re at 21 movies and counting or something like that.

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@Bluefreedom quite true,

but a new film franchise of Star Trek, at about 2 yrs apart would mean 40 yrs later before they get to film number 20…
I’m too old to wait that long! lol

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@TheKNYHT. Good point. And I’m too old for that wait also. =)

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@oratio Yup, I was going to say the same as my friend @cwilbur, mostly Voyager. I’m not saying Voyager sucked, but in my opinion it’s the worst version of Star Trek – too many inconsistencies in character motivations and actions, crappy writing in general.

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