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Let's take a minute to welcome back whatthefluther and sccrowell!

Asked by SuperMouse (30842points) May 11th, 2009

Two very cool flutherers are back from a long hiatus! Sccrowell and whatthefluther are two of the people who motivated me to ask this question. Welcome back to both of you, it is great to have you around again!

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Welcome back you two!

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Welcome Back!

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Welcome back. :)

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Welcome back! I don’t get to show up much lately, but it’s loooovely to see that all the people I like are sticking around. Hooray!

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This makes me so happy. I’ve missed both of you!

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Welcome back. We were just talking about you.

in a good way of course. what? no…really

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welcome back (((:

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@Supermouse and all…Thanks for the welcome. Sorry about the abrupt exit. A computer crash precipitated my going cold turkey but I had projects that required my full attention and all my energy. They are done and I’m back. I’ll see you all around…wtf

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Welcome back.
I’ve got another 47 seconds left. Now what?

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@evelyns pet zebra,
@tiffyandthewall, Thank you so much for the warm welcome back. So many new faces! It’s great meeting you!<Bigsmile>

@SuperMouse, !!! WoW !!! What a greeting, that was so very thoughtful and so very unexpected, Thank you!!

Alright, I left you for last because I knew I would become sooo emotional with what I wanted to say and knew that YOU, Augustlan, Knotmyday, uberbatman and asmonet any so many more that have gone un-named but FAR FAR from being forgotten!! This I swear!!! (gosh, I’m already crying) and this iPhone screen is very small. How do I begin to say thank you or to express just how deeply your concern for WTF has meant to us! Although he, (WTF) didn’t say this, I can and will. He missed you terribly… As have I… Gosh, I can barely read this hope my spellcheck is working. I know it’s because of all of you that he’s back. He’s happy, he’s having fun, he’s back among friends. AND although we have never met in person, you have been our friends in every truest sense of the word! THANK YOU… I hope you all understand what I’m trying to say. Because of FLUTHER, we (WTF and I) have made some very wonderful & caring friends. Thank you too( make that 15 seconds) AstroChuck!

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Aw, now I’m crying too! Lurve and hugs to both of you. :)

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lol, hugs. :)

i lurve fluther.

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Ahh. Group hug, everyone.

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::joins hug::

…@AstroChuck: Is that your hand?

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those aren’t pillows!!!!!

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Uhh… yeah, my hand. Sure…

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could ya at least buy me dinner first?

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@AstroChuck? Ahhh… You don’t sound all that sure., hmmm

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@robinck…. @sccrowell, and I, thank you. Welcome to fluther. GA lurve to you.
See ya….Gary/wtf

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