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What is a good idea for a superhero costume?

Asked by erincollins (418points) May 12th, 2009

I’m going to a superhero party in a few months and i need some ideas for a creative female costume. It can either be a superhero that already exists or it can be a made up one. Lets hear some funny, creative ideas!!!

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you should be beth from dog the bounty hunter! that would be awesome bra!

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Get a couple long pieces of material, one gold color one burgandy… like the Dali Lama wears. Next get a very over-sized bra that can be filled with socks, or whatever you find comfortable. Get a BIG blonde wig and LOTs of make up for your face.

Go as the Dolly Lama Parton!

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Nerds! My link is the wrong video, here are the lyrics.

If I could be a superhero
I’d be Immigration dude
I’d send all the foreigners back to their homes
For eating up all of our food
And taking our welfare and best jobs to boot
Like landscaping, dishwashing, picking our fruit
I’d pass a lot of laws to get rid of their brood
‘Cause I’d be Immigration Dude!

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haha @asmonet being racist! jk <3

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Captain Obvious. It would give you some good and possibly humorous openings for conversation.

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Black Magic woman
First Lady
“Brown eyed” girl – could be gross
Burrito Lady
The Blogger (you can chew out political pundits in 200 words or less)
Notso Happyending
Glass Lass or G-lass

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Go as a stud finder. Dress in black and sew Ken dolls to your outfit. (It’s a spin off of my friends idea to go as a “chick magnet.” He wore black and sewed Barbie’s to his clothes.)

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Can you get ahold of a bowling ball with a skull inside it? I always liked that character.

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Great answers everyone!!!

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I would choose one of the ancient superhero types – easier to costume – like Xena, warrier princess, a short leather skirt and leather vest. Or how about Zantanna

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@asmonet i will sooooo go “Justice Guy” on you.

As far as the costume goes… can’t top Wonder Woman… a close second would be black cat.

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The joker from the dark knight movie

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I once went to a party in an all in one Spiderman costume, it was all good and well until I need to go for a piss

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Do you have a boyfriend? Go as the Wonder Twins.

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Bootman: International orange jumpsuit, welding goggles and kit, welding (cutting) gas tanks on back.

Some asshole has put a boot on my car while parked! I don’t see any signs! Who can I call??

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