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Does sleep learning work? And if so, where can I try this without paying?

Asked by windows7user (3points) May 14th, 2009

I’ve been looking on the web for some way to learn while sleeping and I think it’s plausible, yet I need confirmation.

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Personally, I doubt if it works. I really doubt if you pay any attention to things outside you when you are sleeping. If people could learn while sleeping, don’t you think everyone would be doing it? I mean, what school kid wants to be in school? I think they’d much rather do their homework in their sleep.

Ok, AstroChuck and whatthefluther—go for the joke now!

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Holy responses Batman! Quips by AstroChuck and WTF removed from the same question!!

I am very doubtful about the effectiveness of sleep learning.

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I don’t believe it works. There has been relatively little scientific research done on the subject. What has been done tends to be inconclusive. What you could try is lucid dreaming; it could help you learn while dreaming.

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It depends on exactly what you are trying to learn.

The fact is that your brain shows little differentiation between what you do while asleep (dream about) and what you do while awake. In fact most of the same processes happen whether you are dreaming or waking. If you want to learn more about it I recommend the book “The Head Trip”. It is fantastic and explains the phenomenon in simple yet scientific terms.

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@daloon & @SuperMouse…I think AstroChuck would agree that our comments are best left among us and windows7user inasmuch as they are hardly valid any longer (they were handled appropriately by the mods)

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There aren’t any definitive studies that prove it works. There is a lot of anecdotal stories by people who say it does, and just as many who say it doesn’t. I conclude the only way to prove it works for you is to try it.

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I’m fairly certain I’ve learned lyrics and movie dialogue from listening to them in my sleep. But I doubt I could pick up the basics of string theory while dozing.

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