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What is the cheapest and safest country/city to visit, and how much money would you save to spend a week there?

Asked by idkfa (3points) May 15th, 2009

For example, lets say someone from the UK decided to book a vacation to new york city in about a month from now and they asked me how much a vacation like that would cost, just to stay in nice-ish hotel and eat some good food, nothing too fancy. I’d say, “eh, probably about $2700 more or less.”

I’d tell him that because:

- The flight would be around 1000 dollars (more or less a hundred or two depending on how lucky).

- An average (not fancy but not dumpy) hotel would probably be $200 a night x 6 = $1200

- You’d probably spend around $50–100 a day on food, activities, subway and taxi rides, and going out (alcohol), so lets average it to $70/day so lets say you’d need about $490, or round it up to 500, just for spending.

So in total – 1000 (flight) + 1200 (hotel) + 500 (spending) = $2700 for a week in New York for someone from out of the country. This is not an exact number by the way, but just an estimate.

Anyways, back to my question: are there any countries like this that are relatively safe, great to travel to, and have a really LOW “per week” cost that includes round trip flight, food, drink, and maybe a couple activities? What’s the cheapest country you have ever visited and how much do you think you spent on the entire outing? (i’m not including hostels, I want to get an idea of what an actual decent hotel costs to get a better idea of what kind of money is spent there)

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If safety is your concern, I think Canada is a great bet.
If saving money is your aim you can compare prices at a number of online travel sites. I’ve stay in Canada and the cost was very reasonable.
Possibly one of your best opportunities to save money these days is on air fare.

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Canada is a great choice. Very cheap and a lot to see on the eastern coast and some very friendly people. The west cost is also very pretty in the mountains.
Plus they have Tim Horton’s coffee. Possibly the best coffee on the planet.

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@Thebigbaboo Yeah, they rally behind the Tim Horton’s up there don’t they?
Actually, I’ve been to Tim Horton’s and yeah I like it a whole lot more than Starbucks.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic I try not to tell too many people. It would be a shame if everyone knew about Tim’s coffee. And it’s less than a buck!

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@Thebigbaboo TH just doesn’t appeal to the average metropolitan american . In a world of rampant Starbucks zaniness it’s nice to have an option for a good, honest, non-pretentious cup of coffee.

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Iceland. The krona is worthless and there’s nothing left to steal. Have fun.

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I’m flying roundtrip Seattle-Reykjavik for $570. And you have your own room in a guesthouse for half-price if you’re willing to bring your own sleeping bag. Oh wait, you want to stay in a $200 hotel room. You probably wouldn’t like Iceland, then.

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I don’t have time to write details but I think Costa Rica would be a great choice. Very safe, lots to do, and cheap hotels and meals. The people are very friendly too.

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@idkfa:too bad that fluther remedial charm school is filled. Susanc is a long-time and respected adult here and you are not.

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@gailcalled : Yes well, it seems that the definition of a “well respected adult around here” is someone who doesn’t read through an entire post and then makes snide, classist assumptions about people and their spending habits. “Oh you probably wouldn’t like it here, given your $200 hotels and whatnot.” Read the post again.

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@idkfa: You explained the misunderstanding clearly in your first paragraph. It was your whispered statement that was redundant, unnecessary and unoriginal. Hang around for more than several days and learn the tone of the site.

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[Mod says] Personal attacks are not permitted, and have been removed.

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Laos can be a great choice. it is safe and cheap there

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Canada. Toronto and Vancouver.

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The Greek Islands – food is incredibly cheap and good and the weather and views are excellent. Traveling around by ferry is not very expensive and lodgings are much less expensive off season when the weather is also better. Also, Greece has tons of interesting archeological places to visit.

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@johanna I was just thinking about Greece for trip next year…glad you posted that.

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