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Will booking a flight and making a hotel reservation to Virgina on Father's Day be cheaper, more expensive, or no different than the day after?

Asked by Mr_M (7596points) March 26th, 2009

I will ask a travel agent eventually. But I wonder if the fact that it’s Father’s Day, do more people travel? Less? The same?

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At this point, most of the airline websites and things like Expedia offer a chance to have “flexible dates” so you can see the cost for flying in or out any day that week or sometimes month. It is generally more expensive to fly on Friday and late Sunday because those are more vacationy flights.

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I don’t thinkthe fact that it is Father’s Day will make any difference to the regular Sunday rate.

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F.Y.I. Priceline was offering room reservations at $250 cheaper then the agent EXCEPT there’s no guarantee of two beds or a no smoking room. So if I want a GUARANTEE of no smoking or a separate bed, I have to pay $500 more for 2 people!!!

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Father’s Day is not a big flying holiday. Sunday rates are higher than mid-week.

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Father’s Day should not be a big travel holiday. I have heard that air travel on Saturday and Wednesday is cheaper, but since I don’t fly anymore, I have not put that one to the test.

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