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Jazz. hate it or love it?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7793points) May 19th, 2009

do you understand music without words? how does it inspire you? to some, they say it sounds like a whole bunch of instruments playing at the same time. to others, it inspires you. how is this genre still so popular or is it dying?

i spent a 4-hour round-trip car tour with my 20-year-old son and since it was his car, i let him play his music. everything sounded the same. but oh to play one of my jazz CDs in his ride for just 1 hour. it soothes and makes me wanna just write or draw or cook or look at clouds or enjoy a rainy or snowy day.

what does it do for you?

are you a mcdonald’s jazz lover? the fast-food “kenny G” stuff or a coltrane, monk, brubeck, jimmy smith listener?

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Love it. It relaxes me more than anything and the improvisation of Jazz music itself is what I really find appealing and beautiful. Some of my favorites include:

Spyro Gyra
Dave Brubeck
Chuck Mangione
Special EFX

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Forget elevator jazz, & Kenny G can bite my ass. This is what I like (Robert Glasper).

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::jazz hands::

Give me some Coltrane!

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absolutely loathe jazz.

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Good jazz is a wonderful thing.
“On Green Dolphin St” – From Davis and Coltrane are classic.
There’s also a fine fine album by Grant Green called “Carryin’ On”.
Greyboy All Stars are also a good band.

Jazz is good stuff. I challenge anyone who doesn’t like Jazz to go to a jazz club one night.

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Well, I listen to a whole lot of music without words, but it’s of this archaic forgotten genre of music known as Classical… ;)

As for jazz, I don’t listen to a whole lot, but every now and then I come across something I like. I love musical jazz, however, like “All that Jazz”, “Anything Goes”, “A Bushel and Peck” and all those musical songs that are in jazz-style (and seem to all begin with the letter A). Dancing to that kind of jazz is a lot of fun.

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And, this (check out “J Dillalude Edit” – Robert Glasper and Scribe).

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@caseydesmond hmmm, why? please expound…

jazz, wine, cheese, ocean or lakefront, crowded room of a club and social ties with intense conversation? no?

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic i second that. go to a club with jazz, smoke and good food? or even no food at all. you know? the experience is so “i have arrived.”

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with this.

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Blonde and her Jon, lurve for Coltrane and Davis.

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anybody on the collective ever listen to live jazz in paris? i do have a great CD by Patricia barber. familiar? the sound is so haunting, so romantic. i just want to put the kids to sleep and cook an exotic dinner for my wife whenever i hear this CD. jazz sets the tone for moods of love and romance or just being by yourself.

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I like it. I tend to like any kind of instrumental music (as long as it’s good, obviously). A lot of people feel that words are needed to make a song better, but I don’t agree. Any kind of music feeds the soul=)

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If I can’t sing to it I don’t like it, as cool as I think it would be to like jazz. I really want to like it sigh

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@Judi you are right there.

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Jazz is the ONLY music. Some old rock and Blues isn’t too bad but jazz is best. Listening to Cassandra Wilson, Diana Krall and Patricia Kaas at the moment. Was listening to J.J. Cale a little while ago – not jazz but can he play that guitar.

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@Judi oops, “right there” as in you can learn to love it. just by you “sighing” means you are open to it’s inspiration. jazz is “sighs.” sighs of hope or happiness or depression or “the blues.” when you listen to it, it takes you there.

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Jazz is bad rock is the best music

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Muzak jazz makes me sick. But, ohhh, love Coltrane, Brubeck, Sarah Vaughan…anon.. Jazz is so interesting – it’s creative, a pure exploration of sound. The human voice is treated so differently in jazz. I love it.

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@rubes love jazz and great answer! welcome to fluther. “groovy.”

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I didn’t used to like the artist Miro either. Maybe someday it will grow on me.

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Some of the greatest singers of all times are jazz singers; Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Lena Horne, Louis Armstrong. Where did you get the idea that jazz is only intstrumental?

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@YARNLADY no, i do understand it is all not just instrumental. the majority of it is, but just the same, jazz and vocals take the genre to a whole other level. listen to diana krall or patricia barber. great sound. it just takes you there.

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@YARNLADY is right. Dinah Washington is my favorite.

For instamental jazz, I lurve Bill Frisell, Stan Getz, and Herbie Hancock.

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There’s good music in all kinds of genres, along with bad music. Not all music has to fit in standard formulas, and the standard formulas definitely get boring. Even jazz formulas can get boring in the wrong hands.

Having said that, my favorite music is improvisational music. Jazz certainly fits that bill. However improvisation comes in other genres, too. What I love is not being able to predict what is coming next. Or, on the other hand, being able to predict what is coming next, even though it’s an improvisation. And, as a musician, thinking about what I would be playing in the same situation.

However, playing music is the best. When I am jamming with some good musicians and we all know how to listen, it’s a transcendant experience. Or mind altering. Something special, anyway.

They say jazz appeals more the older you get. It’s more sophisticated, or something. It might require more knowledge in order to appreciate it. I don’t know about all that. It’s always been interesting to me, and I’ve always been not so much into rock or some other forms of music. I do enjoy world music, because there are so many traditions from all over the world, and they are all different and interesting. It’s great to play with musicians from other parts of the world.

Jazz is the one of the great styles of music, and it has influenced me enormously.

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Sanatra and the likes just don’t do it for me. Ive tried but eventually I want to puke.

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My middle son, Kyle, and I got to see Maynard three years ago.


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@Judi sinatra is not jazz. he is in a class and genre by himself. sinatra is the band age. he is a crooner. his music is “band” behind his silky voice, but i would not classify it as “jazz.” real jazz is not “band music.” jazz is inspiration with a lot of improvisation. it is scripted only to a certain degree—the rest is a “feeling.” once the musicians set the melody at the beginning, they build on the melody with feeling and their musical genius. then they come back to the original melody at the end of the song.

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@charliecompany34; that’s what I thought but I was going by @yarnlady said

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Love Trad Jazz. Love Bebop. When it gets into that late 1960’s – early 1970’s fusion, I’m like, gone, man, real gone. Like, really, I’m out the door.

Not a fan of fusion, yet I respect Jaco Pastorius. Weather Report isn’t my cuppa, but I like Jaco.

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I listen to John Coltrane’s Love Supreme and Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue repeatedly. I have to admit, though, that I don’t get the later screaming/strangling sax sound Coltrane and others used.

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I love jazz, and have a radio station on dedicated to jazz. I can listen to jazz all day long, but it has to be instrumental, I can’t take that damned singing. Same with classical, give me instrumental, and tell the fat lady to shut the fuck up already!

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Some jazz I like, some I don’t. I do like shows such as “Live at the Landing” on NPR because there is a history and music lesson along with the music.

I like all kinds of music except some of the rap-emo-thrash sort of stuff. Hopwever, even within genres I don’t like in general there are specific pieces I like.

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Jut went to a concert and it got me thinking about this question. Does George Thourogood count?

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@Judi George is not jazz. If anything, he’s more blues.

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Darn. I like the “idea” of Jazz, just get irritated listening to it.

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@Judi There’s some good jazz out there. Miles Davis and John Coltrane have some good work.

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