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Has there been a turnover at Fluther?

Asked by LostInParadise (28138points) May 20th, 2009

With the influx of new people here, I do not see much from older members. Have people been leaving, or have they just gotten lost in the shuffle? I welcome the newcomers, but I miss the all the old familiar members.

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Lost in the shuffle mostly, I think. I still see most of the “old timers” around, it just seems like they’re quieter because there are so many new people.

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Maybe they have all “socked up”. There do seem to be more than just one or two socks floating about.

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I promise to be more active as I work my way out of of the shuffle.

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There are a few that I’ve noticed, missing lately. :(

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I think so. Maybe some are lost in the shuffle. And some just start answering questions you aren’t interested in. But some have stopped coming here entirely, I think.

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Ooh. If so, I hope it’s an apple turnover!

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I think it’s got a bit to do with the summer. A lot of the old timers seem to be college students or high school students who have exams now and will probably have summer plans. Or they are adult people with real life who can suddenly go outside because it is warm. Either way, I would expect a lull in summer.

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@DarkScribe, what do the “sock” references mean? This is the second time you’ve used it in my range of view, and I don’t understand it. I even asked my sons if it’s current slang, and they never heard of it.

For my part, I am away from home for the week on account of my older son’s graduation and simply not spending much time online. I noticed the sudden influx of unfamiliar names and users with <100 points and wondered what was up.

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@Jeruba I think this is what darkscribe means. He’s referring to “sock puppets” I think

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Mmmm…. Apple turnovers…

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Does the My Fluther feature help with this at all?

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I’m new, but would love to hear “old timers takes” as someone responded!

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Yes, I was going to say that the my fluther feature helps me—but I also like to check all flutherers to find interesting questions. But I have been checking my fluther more often lately—and plan to add new people to it.

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I’ve had a lot of schoolwork to do recently, so my time on Fluther has been waning. I check the site daily, but I find that I am answering questions much less frequently.

Now that crew is over, I’ll be able to participate more, but I won’t truly be back until finals are over at the end of June.

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eh… not much here I’m interested in anymore. I deal with a lot of crap in my life that I don’t really need any more “serious discussion” at the moment. Deep and thoughtful is a bit too much for me… and the tolerance for silliness seems to have been tossed in the trash.

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I think a lot of older users simply don’t visit as much as they used to. Sure getting lost in a sea is part of it, but (the ones I talk to) just check in less.

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@poofandmook Good to see you! I feel a bit like you do. Life has been stressful and a little fun is needed.

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i recently wrote to an old timer who i have not heard much from lately, and asked her why she has not been around. she said it seems as if a lot of people post questions and then get mad when people don’t agree with their opinions. i find myself sometimes avoiding answering if i know the answer will make people jump all over me. i think that defeats the purpose of what fluther is, but i don’t always have the energy to argue with people. i think some old timers may be tired of the arguing and negativity. the new comers still have energy for it

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I’ve changed the way I fluther. I still lurk every day, but now I only answer when I can really help out with an answer. The “social aspect” has less appeal for me now. I leave that to the noobs…

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unless i’ve been dinking

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@Jeruba The sock reference is to the internet habit of creating “sockpuppets” usually to support a position made in you usual name/nick. I have noticed several “newcomers” with low scores who reference old events – indicating that they are not really as new as they first seem.

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Thanks, @DarkScribe. I didn’t know the expression. Yes, a number of people with recent joined dates and low scores do seem to know their way around awfully well.

But there also appear to be many very young newcomers, as if school had just let out and a bunch of youngsters had decided to fluther for the summer. Did this happen last year at this time? I wasn’t around then.

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