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Why can't you access the internet on an iPod Touch if it's hooked up to a computer connected to the internet?

Asked by aLeXiE347 (46points) May 22nd, 2009
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Apple didn’t intend for you to connect that way…wifi only

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But it doesnt make sense

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No, what you are asking doesn’t make sense. Not enough to justify to Apple why they would implement such a feature.

Why would you want to use the iPod Touch to browse the internet when you are already ON a computer that has internet? You can just use the computer.

Yes, downloading apps would be nice, but since many apps need you to be online to work, the point is a bit moot. Furthermore, wifi being broken is a sign that other things could be broken too.

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That’d be like connecting a mouse to the computer and expecting the mouse to have internet access. It’s just not set up to do that.

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Because that would be more time spent for development of a USB-to-ethernet connection in the iPod, and more equipment and parts for the internals of the iPod, which would equal more cost for us the end-user. For a feature that I can’t imagine ever wanting. Thank you, no.

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If you have a modern Mac you can turn on Internet sharing. I used my wired iMac to act as a wifi router and it worked fine. The range was lousy but it worked. I’m sure you can do the same thing on Windows if you have a wifi card.

But if you are limited by the length of a cord I can’t see a reason to do it. Just use the computer. Actually, if you had two people around I could see why that might be nice.

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