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How flakey are people to you?

Asked by killertofu (115points) May 23rd, 2009

Just posting a survey for all. How flakey are people (or friends) to you? Whether it be a phone call or a get together, post your opinion.

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For some of the clients that we see in our clinic, I wonder how they manage to get through life.

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Some people are VERY flakey. It seems like fewer & fewer people have any common sense. I want to say ‘what are you thinking???’ And the answer to that is always that they aren’t!

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@jbfletcherfan I think the death of common sense is one of the biggest problems in America.

Perhaps society is shifting toward flakiness as a lifestyle. When I was a kid we were with our cousins a lot and family met up weekly to have dinner. This generation family does not seem as important. Most of my family over schedules themselves and thus miss obligations at an epidemic rate.

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Everyone I know (except my babe) is flaky.

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I don’t understand your question, especially the “to you” part. Do you mean “How flaky do they seem to you?” or “In how flaky a manner do they behave toward you in particular?” I tend to think that flaky people are flaky all the time, not just with respect to a certain person. So are you just asking “How flaky are your friends?”

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How would you define a flaky person? I have no idea what you mean.People who wear different coloured socks; people who are chronically late; people who forget your birthday; people whose cars run out of gas?

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What’s wrong with different-colored socks?

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@Dog I agree. Lack of common sense & the general desenigration of family has taken us down the wrong road. The way some people live their lives is indeed flakey. Some kids don’t have a chance because they have nothing to draw from.

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@jbfletcherfan, “disintegration”?

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Almost everyone’s flakey sometimes, unless they have a good support system and/or practices. But some people are highly flakey. It’s easy to mistake an above-average unflake for a flake when seeing examples of flake-outs.

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@Jeruba Yeah, that. sorry

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Corn flakey.

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It’s a subjective thing, this flakiness
I have some friends I consider flaky, yes
but they fit in right well in this society

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I agree with gailcalled, define flaky. Do you mean wacky, eccentric, just odd in a general sort of way, and having a good time doing it? Because if that defines flaky, well cut up a banana, and put it in a bowl and pour the milk over me, cuz I’m flaky.

Perhaps you mean fuckin’ ignorant, because THAT I can figure out.

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I am flaky myself but function ok

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A bunch of my relatives and some of my friends are seriously ADD (as well as talented, generous, intelligent, and so on) so they tend to be flaky. However, they do seem to enjoy life immensely even though they are frequently late and often behind in paying the bills.

I, too, tend to be flaky, but not as flaky as they are. Even my kids acknowledge that.

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People are usually as flakey as I want them to be. If they’re not trying hard enough, I tell them to act even more unusual or absurdly so it fits my standard of flakiness. Yeah, you guessed it. I’m a flake too.

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I am blessed with excellent friends and a few flakey acquaintances- that’s why they’re acquaintances.

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(Folks; we’ve tried being subtle. That was a flop. It is flaky – no “e”.)

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I KNEW I should have used spell check. I’m so ashamed. =)

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@gailcalled: I didn’t even know flakey/flaky relative to human behavior was even an real dictionary word. Wow.

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it infuriates me and my best friend does it all the time and i just want to bludgeon her with whatevers handy when she does it!...i’m not bitter i swear! its not like she hasnt done this since the eighth grade some 11 years ago i just accept her for how she is and i take most of what she says with a grain of salt…

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@hungryhungryhortenceDefinition of flaky :

1. an offensive term: an offensive term describing somebody regarded as eccentric or irrational ( informal insult )

2. made of flakes: made of or separating easily into small pieces
with a flaky texture

3. breaking into flakes: forming or tending to break off in flakes
flaky skin

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@Darwin: cool, I guess #1 relates to human behavior.

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#2 and #3 usually refer to croissants, pie crusts, dandruff and terrible sun burn.

And I am in favor of wearing mismatched socks. It’s practical and solves the issue of where the dryer sends the lost ones…maybe to heaven with Baby Jesus?

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I look at it this way – EVERYONE is flawed and no one is ever perfect. I know for sure – someone probably once thought I was flaky or described me that way. I know while some people are pretty high on the flaky scale – it’s pretty general and broad to talk about “flaky people”. It’s really matter of opinion.

But generally, I either accept a person’s flaws or I don’t (because I probably have tried multiple times and couldn’t seem to).

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I am often a flake. I don’t like it. I hyper focus on things, then walk away and forget. My iphone has been a Godsend, because it is a calendar I am motivated not to loose, and that I actually have with me when I make commitments.
My best friends understand that it is a problem and help me compensate by reminding me of birthdays, and commitments I have made.
It is not just a matter of will. If I could will myself to be more organized and focused I would do it in a heart beat. Who LIKES loosing their purse several times a year? Call it a character flaw, call it a neurological wiring issue, but it is the one thing I would change about myself if I could.

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On a scale of one through thirteen, I’d say nine and a half.

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People only think about themselves… they can be pretty damn flakey.

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Not sure I understand what you mean by flakey. I do think that for the most part people have their priorities mixed up. If that’s flakey, I guess most of us fall in that category.

But then…there’s the people we hire to fix our stuff.

Definitely flakes.

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I guess it’s people that you make plans with but they just don’t show up without letting you know. At least have the respect to give me heads up.

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