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Who do you "straighten up" for when they're around?

Asked by essieness (7698points) May 28th, 2009

For instance, you’ll refrain from bad language, make an effort to say something “smart”, check your facts before you speak, try not to mention a stupid TV show, wear better clothes, etc.

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Sounds like a normal date to me. When meeting parents of a girlfriend as well. Not that I’m that different then, but you try to look your best.

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My boss, when she walks by my desk, as I’m obviously fluthering

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There is this woman I know. Every time I look into her eyes I get goose bumps and my palms get sweaty. Somehow she became my wife and we have two children. Here she comes now. I hope my tie is on straight.

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A rich aunt who likes me better than my brother because she thinks I’m more “polished”.

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No one. I yam what I yam. ;) If you’re in my house and you don’t like it get the fuck out.

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My bosses and guests at work.

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My little sister. Everyone else gets a taste.

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My big sisters. God rest her soul, but Mommy’s house was a mess. They have an aversion to it, so I make sure that common areas are clean for when they visit.

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I would have answered “everyone” a year ago. Now my answer is no one.

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Yea, I would say my boss. She is such a moody bitty.

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My boss wouldn’t do it for me. It would have to be my BOSS’S BOSS or higher.

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One of my aunts. She’s a very proper southern lady. She’s so cute, she’s 71 and really can’t stand it when I wear jeans. It’s not very ladylike, you know. ;)

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Pretty much everybody, although, depending on the relationship, in different ways.

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Certainly not my in laws, they swear more than I do. I try to hold back swearing around my parents, but even they drop it in conversation now that I am an adult.

As for straightening up clothes or thoughts or anything… I’m either in complete lounge mode, where I am only around internet folk/in PJs, or I am in presentable mode. There’s no real in between. Even with my closest friends I moderate myself as I would with my parents. I strive to do things such as check my facts no matter who I’m talking with.

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Pretty much everybody but my closest friends.

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Kids, my students (of course), Aunts, Uncles, the elderly, co-workers, yo Momma (maybe).. and that’s it.

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I do around younger children, I don’t want to set a bad example. Besides that I act the same towards everyone I meet.

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as far as i know
i can’t think of anyone
(dammit cyndi!)
it came back!
my boyfriend
since he’s smarter than me
i don’t want to look retarded when i’m next to him

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William H. Macy and Noam Chomsky.

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My in laws.

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Young children and my in-laws. With the kids, it’s pretty much just no swearing. With the in-laws, it’s no swearing and no being a liberal.

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@augustlan boo to not being able to be a liberal

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I know. :/

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friend’s parents. that’s about it.
to an extent, i ‘straighten up’ for other people too – my brother’s wife, etc. but i don’t do a complete 360, because it would be pointless. why pretend to be someone i’m not? i mean, i’m not completely repulsive when i don’t straighten up, so it’s not too bad…

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No one.That has always been my “problem”.lol!

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