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Are tattoed people stereotyped?

Asked by dsandberg (11points) June 2nd, 2009
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tattooed persons stereotyped

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What kind of question is this? What do you think? I think people often look at them as edgy.

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I assume this means visable tattoos . . .

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It SO depends on the tattoo, where it’s located and if you’re male or female.

Someone with a large tattoo on the face sends a message, I think, unlike any other.

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Everyone is stereotyped.

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Agreed with quasi…. Whether you like it or not everyone is stereotyped by everyone… even you. It’s just our nature, we try to get a feel for how a person will be based off what we can see of them.

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Tattoos are a lot more mainstream these days, but depending on placement, who sees them, etc. yes- there still is some stereotyping going on. People can be stereotyped by what their tattoos say, not just the fact that they have them. People are going to make a much different assessment about someone based on whether or not they have Grateful Dead tattoos v. gang tattoos v. “Daddy” v. “Semper Fi” etc etc.

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This is so funny to me because I just today noticed a small dolphin tattoo on the ankle of the woman who is considered the party girl of MOMS Club. (I know, MOMS Club, so how wild can she be, right?) AFAIK she is the only one who has a tattoo.

I agree with @SirBailey‘s comment. It depends on the tattoo and placement. Tattoos in general are not something I even pay attention to; however, I do think people with a lot of tattoos or seemingly agressive ones are intimidating to the mainstream. Maybe it’s because I think tattoos would farking hurt and figure they must be hardcore and could kick my ass if they can withstand all that pain. The face tattoos freak me out.

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I guess it depends on how the person is tattooed. Someone with a few here and there would get a different look than a person who is covered in them.

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