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If you met the founders, what would you say?

Asked by Greenwriter (118points) June 4th, 2009

I had the distinct honor of meeting Andrew today. My alter ego. Quite an enjoyable experience but I had a billion more questions for him that I never got to ask and that got me thinking. What would you ask?

My question is… What’s the first basketball game you remember watching?

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I’d ask..

Can I have your fluther babies?

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When is the first Fluther convention going to happen and where will it be held?

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Where the heck is my guacamole, Andrew!?

And I wouldn’t ask Ben anything. I would tell him he was a gorgeous woman. Yes, I saw the photos from that skit. Nice legs, sugar.

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@Greenwriter Welcome to Fluther!

I would ask how a person makes a small paypal donation toward the site upkeep. I have searched high and low and no buttons to be found.

I might also ask that there be other fluther stuff for sale and have ideas regarding it.

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I would say great work guys. Do you have any job openings, I know some computer experts who need work.

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@dog. Thanks I’ve actually been here for over a year, just changed my name. Took a little break. Got busy, ya know?

I second a Fluther summit.

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@Greenwriter: So who were you before?

I would simply say, “Nice job. Love the site.”

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Hi! Your site is peachy keen!

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Why did you eat all the chips and salsa?

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Hi. And thanks for all the fish… uh… I mean jellyfish.

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Danke schoen!

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That I am so glad he thinks my hair looks really, really good today.

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I have known one of the founders since he was in diapers (and had no teeth and a cute tushie then, too), so I’d say, “Hi, Sweetie.”

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[edited by self as it is disrespectful for me to discuss the posterior of a Fluthergod]

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True; but when I met Ben he was a Godlet only.

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@Gailcalled Indeed it is within your rights as a Fluther Noble family member. :)

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(And I have photos of Ben, in a cast for a broken leg, at a wedding we held in my field.
He was possibly six and interested primarily and presciently in the wedding cake. (1988)

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I’m so happy you kept a seat warm for me, thank you.

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I would say “thank you.” My wife would probably insert a different word before “you.”

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@astrochuck love? Awww. thanks.

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Also, @Dog, even though it’s small, you can always shop on amazon via the front page, we get a bit of a kickback from it.

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I would also say thank you for giving me a place to meet some wonderful people (some a**holes too) but that’s ok.

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How can we, as users, help you (Ben and Andrew) to make Fluther an even more exceptional website than it is now? If that’s even possible.

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@andrew I was not aware of this- I will henceforth shop amazon through Fluther.

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Gail got to see Ben naked. How cool is that?
Great site guys. Thanks for all you do to make this worth coming to all the time.

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@andrew- Yeahhh. Love.
Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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I’d ask: “Why isn’t Fluther a Laszlo application?”.

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