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How do you heal a broken heart?

Asked by JONESGH (3554points) June 3rd, 2009 from iPhone

…when you have to see the person everywhere. And they seem completely happy.

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you don’t. you let it consume you and listen to morrissey all day long. trust me, it helps.

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You bite the bullet. They know you’re uncomfortable and hopefully have enough tact and care to keep all contact to a minimum. Find some distraction or rehearse a little mantra in your head for everytime they pass your sight. Whatever it takes, you know and @eponymoushipster is right, Morrissey is still wonderful all these years later ;p

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You wait it out. It’s hard, but possible. You realize how much better off you are without that person and you start to see that you can do a lot better. And you will do a lot better. Losing a love is a hard thing to overcome, but when you do, you feel so great, and you’re ready to face the world independently again.

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I know this is the last thing you want to hear, but… time. On one hand it sucks because you can’t make time move any faster. On the other hand it is reassuring because you know time will keep moving on and will get you past this.

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I’ll join in the chorus, you don’t heal a broken heart, it has to heal itself, over time. The best you can do is move on, find something else to occupy your time. Make plans for your future, do volunteer work.

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“How can you mend a broken heart?
How can you stop the rain from falling down?
How can you stop the sun from shining?
What makes the world go ‘rount”
The BeeGees

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Ok. Thanks guys I appreciate it. I think I’m going to pick an old hobby back up and try to occupy myself with that.

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@JONESGH Awesome. That will definitely help to keep your mind off things.

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Let’s see. The common responses.

You become a stalker.
You go crazy in pick-up bars.
You join a gym.
You call all your exes up to cry on their shoulder. (At least it makes their day…)
Or just like any other injury, you wait for it to heal naturally.

Me, I used to like sports, when you are exhausted you don’t have so much time to think about it.

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Picking up an old hobby is the perfect thing to do. Everything heals with time, you just need to keep your mind off of your suffering and gradually the pain will subside.

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You realize that some day, you will run into them at the grocery store, or the office or the gym, and it won’t matter. In my experience, if you let it (and don’t obsess), this will eventually happen every time. Good luck with the hobby.

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Like others before me have said:

Time is the only thing that heals a broken heart. Preoccupy yourself with hobbies and exercise.

Before you know it, the pain will lessen. I just takes time.

Best wishes.

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by listening to lots of Al Green

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They say duct tape can repair anything, but I think a broken heart is one thing that can not be put back together with duct tape.

I’m sorry for you going through this. I don’t know if this has happened before, and I don’t know how much you loved your ex, but if you really loved them and this is the first time, it will be the worst. It took me a couple years to get over my first really serious relationship. It was the worst time of my life. I never let anyone break up with me after that. I broke up with them. Or married them.

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I avoided every place I could possibly run into him. If I did accidentally end up in the same place, I ran out before he could see me. I cried for months. Slowly I started to feel better. Just keep busy, don’t put yourself in situations where you might have to see them. If you do have to see them, try to breath and act normal because trust me you will regret making a fool of yourself if you start freaking out. Like everyone else said- only time will help. Good luck :)

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Time will do it, but also going out and meeting other people. You generally find someone else to love, and sometimes they are a better fit than the one you lost.

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You can’t do anything. There are things you can do to numb yourself, but nothing you can do to “heal” your heart. Time is the only remedy known to man. It hurts. It’s like a long hard labor to a breech, full-grown hippopotamus, only instead of coming out of your vagina, it’s being ripped from your soul… for 6 months+.

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heart surgery?

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It’s been 40 years and I think of her weekly. Expect I will until the end.

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