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What's a nice graduation gift for an 18 yr old male?

Asked by gailcalled (54553points) June 6th, 2009

He has been home-schooled (brilliantly) and has worked for me on week-ends for 3 years. He’s an intellectual, likes Shakespeare, acting, his family, but is also a member of the electronic generation. I used to give the kids $100 but that won’t go far now. H suggested several books by poets that I love. Should I believe him? Yeats, Frost, Auden? Money also?

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An eighteen year old female?

As for the books, if he really wanted them, he would probably have them by now. I’d look for something else.

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$100 still seems pretty generous to me. At that age, it seems like a pretty darn nice gift.

If you’re looking to be even more generous, what about plane tickets? Perhaps band together with his parents to sponsor a trip somewhere?

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Best buy gift card

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@Nikipedia; Plane tickets for a family of five is well beyond my budget. Plus, I have been uncommonly generous to him while he was working. I paid him well. (DarkScribe: He is a male, as I mentioned.)

I am not a fan of gift cards. And should add that this family is old-fashioned; the dad plays jazz and blue grass, they put on plays in their garage, they drive old clunkers and don’t seem possessed by possessions.

He was the one who mentioned poetry.

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I have a nephew with the same upbringing and values. We attended his graduation last night and gave him a prepaid gas card.
If nothing else it is good to have in case of emergency.

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@gailcalled: I meant plane tickets for him, and see if his folks will help out with hotels etc.

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What about money and a book of Shakespeare’s sonnets? I refer to mine (from 1954( all the time.

A prepaid gas card is an interesting idea, but will be gone in four trips to service station. I am really brooding out loud and have made a decision. Money and book it is. Thanks, all.

(NIki: the family doesn’t fly anywhere. They drive since all family is within driving distance. Grandpa was ex-prezy of Colgate U and was a chaired prof. at Williams college, where the boy will be going.)

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I think the Shakespeare sonnets is great. Or even a nicely bound Complete Works of Shakespeare. I got that for my daughter and she (now and English Teacher) still loves it.

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A good graduation gift would be something that the graduate could use in college.

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I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as…a $100 bill.

The kid is getting ready to strike out on his own. Money isn’t personal but it does help a person.

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@gailcalled: I think the book, inscribed with something poetic from you, and the cash, are a great gift. You touch on the personal and the practical.

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Could you afford something like the Riverside Shakespeare? Other than that, I think a book that you find meaningful and some cash is likely to be a very appropriate gift.

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I like your idea of gifting him a book of your favorite poems, maybe even a self crafted compilation of poems from several of your favorites, a pure special gailcalled friend gift he might keep a very long time. I’d also add in the $100.00 with a card- one practical gift and one very personal treasure.

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@hungryhungryhortence. that’s a nice idea. And DO include a picture of Milo!

$100 not enough?? R U kidding!!! He WILL love it. I know I would!!

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I am really, really anti gift-card if it’s someone you know well, unless it’s for Apple or something, with the intent that you’re helping them toward buying a computer, or gift certificates for specific experiences. Some other ideas:

* A year’s subscription to the Oxford English Dictionary online
* Build your own messenger bag from Timbuk2 so that he can carry his books around in style – especially if he’s off to college

* If he’s a Shakespeare fan, Shakespeare’s Den is a place to get fun things

* Signals has some great, intellectual gifts

* Or, consider getting him tickets to a Shakespeare Festival in Western Mass with dinner included, or, a day trip into Boston to hit the galleries

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Thank you.everyone. I just met his mom in town (we were both shopping at the consignment shop.) I have been really thinking out loud here and have decided on a book of poetry and the money.

He has seen, tripped over and found Milo in his car, behind the driver’s seat. I think the framed portrait should go to someone else. He has acted in all of the Shakespeare and Co.‘s shows for high schoolers (in Lenox, MA.)

Gift cards don’t personally thrill me, and I like patronizing our old-fashioned book store on our little Main St.

This kid will get free Shakespeare at Williams, free art at the glorious Williams Art Museum and the privilege of seeing the shows and exhibits at the Clark Art Museum. We may seem like hicks but we are not.

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Your choice is perfect—as usual!!!

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$100 is a great gift. It goes farther for kids than you know.

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@peggylou: Speaking of perfect gifts, have I gotten a lot of mileage out of the “grammarian” t-shirt.

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@figbash; I am very taken with the “Insults from Shakespeare” T – for me.

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Barnes & Noble gift cards..

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@cyndihugs: I’d have to pay for my own plane ticket to get to the nearest Barnes and Nobles. Luckily, as I have said, we have a sweet little book store here, complete with arm chairs for browsing. Periodically they ask people like me to sit in the display area, in front of the window, in one of the chairs and read for an hour. Reader gets a free book.

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@gailcalled ; you must look quite charming :-)

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@Judi; I do leave my Flamingo Slippers at home. Even in this town, that would be considered a tad eccentric. But, thank you.

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@gailcalled ; I have some very similar but they are pigs. They oink when you pinch their ears!

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@Judi: Sadly my flamingos do not vocalize. Pity.

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