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Are there any breathing techniques / thinking strategies that help you stay cool when you are hot?

Asked by jfos (7392points) June 8th, 2009

I’m at work and it is hot. I have to stay here, and I have no control over the air conditioning. Obviously, I can’t strip down to my unmentionables. How would you stay cool?

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By remembering that it’s illegal to be forced to work in grueling conditions and tell my boss as much. If you’re thinking about stripping, then it must be grueling. Are you in a union? Tell your union rep.

P.S. If you threatened to strip down, maybe that’s why the boss is making it hot???

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I don’t think it would qualify for “grueling conditions”. It’s just hot.

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Get a Ziploc bag and fill it with ice and stick it on the back of your neck. Works every time. That and just having a glass of cold water to drink. That must suck. I feel for you.

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Take a deep breath and boot your emotional firewall.

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In addition to the ice and water…

Try to move as little as possible, and breathe slowly and smoothly.

Look for any machinery or lights, etc. that might give-off additional heat and power it down completely (if possible), or see if there is some sort of power-saver mode that will lower it’s output.

In the future, dress in layers so that you can ‘strip-down’ to an acceptable level for your office.

Consider buying a little desk fan that can help cool you down.

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I found the answer… it was to take refuge in the bathroom.

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Thanks for all the good suggestions.

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You can also get various bandannas and hats that contain particles that absorb lots of water. You wear them and they act like a mini-cooler, with the evaporation of the water helping you to stay cool.

I use them for hiking in the summer.

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I know you found the answer already but I have a brilliant :) suggestion.
They have these mini fans/water bottles. You can spritz yourself with water or you can just use the fan portion. It’s a great combo and it is the same size as a water bottle so you can easily take it to work without it taking up much space.

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There is air-conditioning, so the problem must be unique to you. I would suggest that you are not appropriately dressed.

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