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What can I do with my hair? (Please see details)

Asked by KatawaGrey (21483points) June 8th, 2009

About six months ago, I decided to grow my hair out. I’d had it pretty short but now it is not quite shoulder length and it is driving me crazy. It’s not long enough yet to put in a ponytail without lots of strands falling out but it’s not short enough to stay out of my way. I have incredibly thick hair, so unless I have an army of bobby pins and/or barrettes, they don’t do much good. I was thinking I could do a lot of smaller braids, but that would take a lot of time and I want to be able to do something fairly quick when I just want it out of my face. Can the collective give me any suggestions?

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If you get a good cut, it should be fine until it grows out. Go see a reputable stylist.

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Spock’s hair looks fine. No need to fret.

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Shave your head. It works for me. :-)

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If you want it long, you have to go through this. I know some people who always quit at this awkward stage. It doesn’t actually last long. A curling iron and a ton of mousse might get you through it, but time is really the only answer.

Oh—and there is the old-fashioned way: a hair ribbon. You need a three-foot length of ribbon, satin or grosgrain. Tie it on top or at the side or underneath. You can also do the same thing with an oblong scarf, a piece of yarn, a folded kerchief, or a man’s necktie.

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When I was growing mine out, I used to part it on one side and then twist it back into two little buns at the nape of my neck. It softened a little throughout the day, but it held it back pretty well and looked professional, if a bit old-fashioned from the front.

If professionalism doesn’t matter, I would embrace the pigtail look.

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Do you do the half-ponytail (Ignore the ridic braids, I couldn’t find a better pict).

That’s my standby when my hair is that in-between length, and I just want it the heck out of my face.

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I go with a headband.
I’m in the same place right now, and am horrible with hair generally.
It was difficult to find headbands that 1) didn’t give me a headache 2) stayed in place and 3) didn’t make me look like a highschooler, but once I did, it’s been a lifesaver.

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@alive‘s suggestion is cute.

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Headbands are the answer in my opinion. I like the stretchy circle ones.

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A very trendy look right now is the braid headband. Basically you just start a french braid at one ear, work your way towards your other ear so the braid looks like a headband. Use a small elastic to secure it. One of my favorite short hair tricks is just to pull back the front section (from the center of one eyebrow to the center of the other) tease it, smooth it back, and secure with two pins.To make it look more stylish for night time use a pomade to slick the back down and sides behind your ears.

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Thanks everyone, these all seem to be good suggestions.

@noelasun: That’s my problem with headbands. They either hurt or fall off.

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if plastic ones hurt, you can use fabric instead (like a bandanna or sheer scarf) to tie around. it shouldn’t fall off if tied on correctly. and if it does it is easy to just tie it on again.

they are very cute and classy

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@elijah, can you point to pictures that illustrate those two styles?

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Well, a friend taught me how to french braid on monday so i’m hoping i can figure out how to do it myself!

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