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$$$ trying to buy a coffee shop need ideas?

Asked by Jamiessweets (1points) June 8th, 2009 from iPhone

I’m / thousand short of buying a coffee shop and I’m in need of some ideas on how to get this last of the money

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1K? Maybe you could get a friend to invest $1000 in your business for a small percentage of your first year’s revenue (in excess of $1000). That way there’s incentive for the investor.

If you were to go that route, I’d recommend paying back that 1k as soon as possible as money issues between friends are potentially destructive.

Just an idea.

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If money is so tight as to where you are having trouble obtaining 1G, you might want to reconsider buying this coffee shop. Running a successful business generally starts out taking all of your time as well as your money. Perhaps waiting until you have more green put away might be the best option. Food service businesses are among the most likely of businesses to fail. Whatever you decide, good luck.

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Thank I ment i’m 2 thou short and it I’d already a sucessful business been. Open 6 years and have all the other $ needed to buy the business

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The coffee industry is a jungle right now, at least in Canada. It’s risky. You seem confident, but if you don’t know how to get just 2 thousand dollars to open the thing, maybe you should follow AC’s advice and reconsider your options.

I’m guessing you’ve looked into getting a loan?

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