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Did your husband (or wife) propose to you in a really spectacular way?

Asked by SarahBeth (110points) June 10th, 2009

If your significant other proposed to you in a very impressive way….
How did he/she do it?
Who was there to witness it?
What made it so special to you?

Conversely… Did he/she propose in a spectacularly BAD way? ... DO TELL!

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After being (living) together for several months, I said to Hubby “I like being married, how do you feel about it?” He said “OK”, and we were married, a few hours later. It’s going on 35 years now.

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Spectacular? Nope, but nothing bad, either—just supremely casual. It was just a line tossed out between bites of spaghetti at supper. Worked, though.

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I wish I had.

She is sooo worth it.

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@Blondesjon You get a do over on your next anniversary.

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Just in case you missed this…wtf

PS: We marry on June 19th

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@whatthefluther About time. You guys have drug this out for ages. :)
So happy for you guys.

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@chyna….It wasn’t me! Among other things, it was finding the right dress, etc.. I gave her a deadline….she will meet it. See ya…wtf

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@whatthefluther I did miss that. Thanks for sharing. I’m crying just reading it. SO CUTE

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My ex-husband stuck my engagement ring in the top bun of a Chili Cheese Crunch burger from Dairy Queen. Que romantico!~

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@essieness Great. There goes my idea.

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This has been asked before not sure how to add the link, but look out for it!! There are some real doozies!!

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