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Does a pinch hitter return to the plate if the inning continues through the lineup?

Asked by buckyboy28 (4961points) June 13th, 2009

Or does the team have to designate a new pinch hitter in the inning?

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I’m pretty sure they remain in the game permanently (unless they are substituted for).

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A pinch hitter takes the place of the person he replaced for the duration of the game – both in the lineup and in the field. He can, of course, be replaced by another player just as he himself replaced the first player.

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Thanks for all the responses, guys. I am used to American League baseball, so I very rarely see pinch hitters.

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Pinch hitters happen in the American League all the time, and have absolutely nothing to do with the designated hitter rule. (which is the only difference between the AL and NL)

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Pinch hitting occurs less often in the AL because of the DH. In the NL, pinch hitters usually come in for pitchers, which is not necessary in the AL.

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“less often”, yes. But still frequent. A manager will put in a pinch hitter towards the end of the game, putting in someone on the bench to replace someone in the lineup who isn’t doing well or has a poor record against the pitcher. It still happens all the time, and to say that someone doesn’t see a pinch hitter very often because they only watch the AL is nonsensical.

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